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Asian Kisses let opportunies for many people to find love and hapiness, and they're proud to share it with you.

Jeanne Philippines et Marcel Germany 04 Jun 2023 Belle histoire
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Hi Asiankisses, i promised myself that if ever I'll find my true love I'm going to write a story here in your website and i did. I wanted to thank you Asiankisses because of you I'm now married to the most handsome, most caring, most supportive and to everything that i admired and look for a man. We both signed up here last May 2022, we don't know exactly who did it first but we started writing to each other at the end of May of the same year and then transferred to WhatsApp last June 4, 2022. After a few weeks of writings and knowing each other we become a couple. First meeting was December, 2022, second meeting was March 2023 and third meeting was May 2023. Everything was a roller coaster ride but finally we've been married last May 6, 2023 and it was the happiest days of our lives.
I'm so proud of our story and i wanted to share to everyone that true love do exist even on the dating site. I know sometimes, we meet random stranger that doesn't have the objective as we are but trust me that's part of the challenges. I wanted to inspire everyone that it's very possible to find your soul mate even if you live in different parts of the world. Just learn to wait and trust the process. But the most important things are to stay honest, faithful, loyal, be true to yourself and pray to God because He knows when is your perfect time.

Michael Germany et Jenny Philippines 20 Nov 2019 Belle histoire
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Wir meldeten uns beide unabhängig voneinander Ende 2018 bei Asiankisses an und schrieben uns am 04 Februar 2019 zum ersten Mal. Am 12.03.2019 war dann unser erstes Treffen und es funkte sofort.
Nachdem wir uns jeden Monat für eine Woche getroffen hatten und im Sommer 2019 für 6 Wochen in Thailand und Vietnam im Urlaub waren, haben wir am 31.10. 2019 auf den Phillipienen geheiratet. Sie ist mittlerweile mit unserem Wunschkindschwanger und ihr Visa für Deutschland um bei mir zu leben ist noch im November 2019 fertig. Wir sind unsagbar glücklich und meine Kinder lieben und meine Kinder lieben auch ihre Tochter. Nun werden wir eine grosse Familie. Schaut Euch unser Hochzeitsvideo an:
Danke Asiankisses

Liebe Grüße und viel Glück an alle

Jenny & Michael

We both signed up for Asiankisses independently at the end of 2018 and wrote to each other for the first time on 04 February 2019. On 12.03.2019 was our first meeting and it sparked immediately. After we met each month for a week and were in the summer of 2019 for 6 weeks in Thailand and Vietnam on vacation, we have on 31.10. Married in 2019 at the Phillipienen. She is now with our favorite child and her visa for Germany to live with me is still in November 2019 finished. We are unspeakably happy and my children love and my children also love their daughter. Now we become a big family. Look our Wedding Clip
Thank you asian kisses

Best wishes for all of you too

Jenny & Michael

David United States et Claire Philippines 25 Sep 2018 Belle histoire
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We want to thank Asian Kisses for this venue that allowed us to meet each other, fall in love, and become husband and wife. We were married May 25th, 2011 in the Philippines. To all our friends here at Asian Kisses, we would like to thank you for your support, and hope that you find that special someone like we did. Whatever you do, don't give up. That special someone is out there looking for you!

This is an update! We are growing stronger in our marriage as of Sept. 25, 2018, and have added another to our family since we were married. In 2013, we had a little girl who is doing wonderful. She's started Kindergarten, is taking swimming lessons, and is involved in scouting. We are even thinking about growing our family and having another child.

Good luck to everyone out there, and if your using this venue, believe me, your dreams of finding your soul mate can come true.

Thanks Asian Kisses!

Baldwin United States et Aimz Thailand 19 Jun 2018 Belle histoire
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You wont let me do this right but 3 years ago i had married this perfect lady from your site and i first met her on here in 2011.So thank you for everything even though i cant wright this out the way it should be.We both are living together here in Thailand and thanks again for your wonderful site.

Egisto Del Bianco Italy et Juby Philippines 18 May 2017 Belle histoire
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Thanks to Asiankisses Dating I found my love.
Thank you very much!

Vivian Philippines et Jürgen Germany 21 Apr 2017 Belle histoire
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Hallo everybody!

We would like to thank AK team that we both found tue Love through here. I am here in BRD since Nov 26, 2013. After so many difficulties that we have encounterd because of my Documents and the difficulties that are given from the BEHORDE here in BRD, here we are already got married last Dec 23, 2016 and i am now in my 3rd year in Ausbildung as Altenpflegerin.

Mathias Germany et Emily Philippines 21 Dec 2016 Belle histoire
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Vielen Dank, viele Grüße und viel Erfolg an Alle!

Scott Haines et Ma. Philippines 14 Feb 2016 Belle histoire
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I want to thank the Asiankisses team for helping me find my true love in September of 2013. It only took a few days to find the one that would be mine. Was I skeptical? Of course. There were scammers in my contacts but Asiankisses is proactive in weeding them out. Don't despair if you encounter some, my first letter was to a scammer. My third though was to my now wife. Our ceremony was on December 5th 2015.

It has been a very happy experience for us both and also challenging at times with the cultural differences. She has helped me become a better person by being more aware of others. I have been encouraging her proactivity to get what she wants in life instead of waiting around for it.

How did I know she was the one? She was humble, God-fearing, very loving, and she has great integrity. She always kept her word. Why is God-fearing important? Your first argument will tell you. Ego is behind so much of our anger but if you are accountable to God, your anger tends to lose its sting when a biblical spotlight shines on it. It is much harder to hold a grudge and you make up faster I think.

Good luck in all of your searches.

Tom United States et Valentina Philippines 23 Mar 2015 Belle histoire
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Thank you Asian Kisses. We just had our first wedding anniversary 2 weeks ago. We could not be happier. We would have never met without your site. I am the luckiest man in the world. Valentina is so beautiful and so perfect for me, I am so glad we met. I met her first in Hong Kong where she was working and then a year later in the Philippines where I met her wonderful family. I can't remember ever being treated so well by complete strangers. It was the best 2 weeks of my life until she came here to America to marry me. Life has never been so good. Thank you once again Asian Kisses.

Brian Australia et Emily Philippines 04 Feb 2015 Belle histoire
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We found us on AsianKisses.

fiona rose Indonesia et soeren christensen Denmark 20 Jan 2015 Belle histoire
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Thank you so much to Asian Kissies for bringing us together.I found my husband here in short time,we've meet on 3th of june 2014,we are knowing each other,and become good friend,and now we we are husband and wife,we just married last 11th january 2015 in Indonesia.I feel so lucky to have him in my life,he's nice,sweet loving,care,and romantic.And i hope that you find that special someone like we did,whatever you do,please don't give up...

Oliver Germany 02 Dec 2014 Expérience
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Hast du dich online verliebt und willst deine große Liebe jetzt endlich persönlich treffen? Dann meld dich bei uns! Wir würden dich gerne mit der Kamera fürs ein deutsches Dokuformat begleiten! Wir möchten dich gerne bei deinem Vorhaben unterstützen und dir finanziell unter die Arme greifen!
Wenn du verliebt bist und Lust darauf hast, den ganz besonderen Moment mit der Kamera festzuhalten, dann meld dich!
[email protected]

Joe Canada et Angel Philippines 30 Oct 2014 Belle histoire
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Angel and I were only one month on AK and we met and started to chat. After about three months we met in person when I came to Manila. We spent the three week visit together traveling around the Philippines. After going back to Canada we kept in touch every day.
After two years and a few more trips to Manila we were married. It looks like the visa is almost set and she will be able to return to Canada with me or shortly afterwards as I'm writing this.
Many thanks to AK for being the site that we met. We are definitely in love and hope to spend many years together.

Soeren Denmark et Fiona Rose Indonesia 19 Oct 2014 Belle histoire
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Thank you so much Asian kisses for bringing Fiona into my life...
We are in love and are going to get married very soon. She is a dream come true....
To my wonderful wife to be.... thank you... I love you so much and i am really looking forward to spending our life together.
I know that you and me will be very happy together.. You are perfect for me.
To all the members of Asian kisses good luck to everybody.
Finally i just want to say that i am the happiest man on earth :-)
Love you Fiona... Big kiss

Estelita Philippines et Robert United States 12 Oct 2014 Belle histoire
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I just wanna thanks to asiankisses for making me and Robert met...same dreams,desire..thanks for bringing rainbows to me after the rain bhe.... thanks God for having you into my life thanks for being real its a priceless for me....I love you sincerely deserve to be loved ....its me welling to share life being with you.....only you nothing but you....llet's share life ups and down together...the search is over....your such a true gentleman bhe...God Bless us....and to the rest asiankisses members

Ann Philippines et Darek United Kingdom 26 Aug 2014 Belle histoire
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Billion words is not enough to tell every people in this world how much happy, how much lucky, how much bless, how much glad and grateful I am that I found this love with Darek.

All I can is I already found my TRUE LOVE, my destiny, my soulmate, my partner, my best friend, my night and shining armor, my savior, my dreams, my strength, my prince, my happiness, my joy, my life, my world.....

...and my EVERYTHING!!!!

I want everyone to know that I will never ever changed my mind, and for what I feel for him, and nobody can ever take his place to my heart until the end of time.

I love you baby!

Thank you Asiankisses!!!

zel Philippines et sid United States 15 Jun 2014 Belle histoire
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salamat sa assiankisses site at nakilala q ang aking asawa dati hindi nman ako naniniwala sa ganito akala q wala nman nag seseryoso pero isa ako sa magpapatunay na marami totoo tao dito. q nakilala ang aking napakabait at maunawaing asawa very responsible wla tigil na sumosuporta sakin sa lahat ng gusto q gawin at desisyon....nag try lng ako mag sign up marami nag message pero sa dami sya lng ang consistent sa lahat ng usapan kaya simula ng nag chat kmi araw araw dina kmi nawalan ng communication hanggang mag decide kmi mag kita at sa unang pag kikita nmin ay nag plano na agad kmi magpakasal but we chat for almost 1 year before we decided to get married. ngyn ay 1 year and 1 month na kmi kasal at we will stay on his country... maraming marami salamat po sa gumawa ng site

Corie Philippines et Marcel Switzerland 09 Apr 2014 Belle histoire
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My story may not be as perfect as a fairytail..but it's quite close indeed. I have found the man that my heart's ultimate desire. I never thought that I would meet someone like him..He's more than a dream come true..It's every woman's dream to be loved by a man the way we want to be..But the man I have found, loves me more that I could ever imagine, cares for me way farther beyond my expectation. he treats me more that I deserves..he treats me so special..he treats me like a WOMAN.

I met this man in this site, 12 September 2012. we started chatting then everyday. I was working in Singapore as DH that time. After a few months of chatting, He decided to meet me. He came over to Singapore 06 March 2012, That was our very first meeting..11 September 2013. I went home as he asked me to go back home because he wanted me to stay home in Philippines and he wanted to meet my family as well. The same date of my arrival was our second meeting. He came to our home 1 week before I arrived. There he stayed with my family without me..(hehehe)

Now, we've been together for almost 2 years and will getting married very soon..

I wanna say never ending thank you to ASIAN KISSES. Because of this site, I had given a once in a lifetime chance..FINDING THE MAN AFTER MY VERY OWN one and only MARCEL <3 <3 <3 I love you so much sweetheart..thank you for loving me and my 2 little boys.

Rose Philippines et Supermart Germany 03 Apr 2014 Belle histoire
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I wanna say thanks to AK for letting me met a guy from Germany, I like him and he likes me too(I think :) ) Its been almost 6 months we chat through here in Asiankisses and he decided to come Philippine to see me last January 8'14 and spend a holiday together.
We experience both good and bad situations. He stayed for exactly 2 months then go.
And Now we are trying, I am trying, rather to start a visiting visa to see him in Germany and spend daily life with him but sad to say it is not possible at this moment so I rather stay and wait for him for his next visit then try again for some possibilities that we can stay together if he likes it still.

That's the success of our story for now, I hope and pray that we can have more success If it is meant to happened to us. but anyway from the bottom of my heart I want to extend my gratitude for having this site and met a good guy supermart. He is my supermart.

By Supermart and his Girl

____ ----thanks to you supermart for having our theme song together together (especially for you) and letting me discover that the "ROAR" by katty perry is your favorite song. hahah
I like when you call me troublemaker and sorry for calling you honey because you don't like it. and im sorry for telling diferent name one time when we talked to one of the beach resto in Bohol. More I like you being you.
you help me find a home and I hope I am welcome to it always. till here and I miss you so much.

By your Girl,

Heycel Philippines et Niklas Germany 16 Mar 2014 Belle histoire
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First of all I want to thanks God for meeting me a nicest and kind Person named Niklas...And second for this dating site AK...I found my truelove,my bestfriend and my partner for my whole life...We start chatting last dec.,Then Nick decided to meet me on last feb.19...Then we meet and both of us happy to know each other and fall in love..Thanks for everything.....The important or realtionship being loyal,trust and pray to God..

Heycel And Nick :)