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Asian Kisses let opportunies for many people to find love and hapiness, and they're proud to share it with you.

Randy and Aileen 26 Oct 2013 Success story
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I would like to first thank you all there at Asian Kisses, for bringing us together. Aileen and I met on your site in Oct. of 2012 and are now going through the visa process. I am so thankful for your site , I would never have found her if it were not for your help. I visited her in May and asked her to be my wife, Aileen accepted. We are so happy together. It is like we have know each other all our lives. Thank you again, for a dream come true. we are so happy and thankful for future together. none of which would have been possible without your help , and the help of our lord above, We believe he is guiding us, with a little help from you.

Sincerely: Randy and Aileen

liza/ANALIZA and joe/JOHANN 12 Aug 2013 Success story
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Hello to all!

First and for most I would like to say thank you God for giving me my husband to me! He is so perfect gift to me for all my living.

Secondly Johann family and my family get along very well with good understanding and relationship.

Thank you so much ASIAN KISSES! Since only through you was possible to find my super kind husband. Thank you who visiting my profile! For a million man and woman who are looking partner in life, please, be patient, loyal and honest for you feelings,be true to your self! Good luck for all!

A good relationship, a good partner, a good couple or a good lover material things and money are not involve for a real 2 heart to been in love.

Concern and think about others,feel a real happy life. I love you forever my great love husband,Johann Peinhaupt! You are the king of my heart that I care.i love you forever up and down I'll stand by you always and forever papa! kisses. MR&MRS.JOHANN PEINHAUPT /ANALIZA BIACO

Jess and 14 Jul 2013 Success story
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Hi to all!!!!

I am Jess from Philippines. I am so happy now, finally someone got my heart and I love him too! I hope everything leads us to be I am waiting his visit. I knew deep inside me that this guy is the one for me. We really do care for each other.

I just wanna say to my beloved baby: thank you for coming to my life..for bringing joy ... and for loving me so strong ... I love you baby ...stay safe always!!!!

Thank you very much GOD.... and AsianKisses!!!

God bless to all!!

Vinz and Mike 06 Jul 2013 Success story
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I am Vinz from Phil. I was really thankful to this site cause i meet my MAN here, which i can say my life , my world and my everything. We are communicating for almost a year from now. I Love Him deeply , and i know he Loves me too . Its really hard to have a long distance love, but i know we will make it someday.. :)

I am really sincere to him , and i know he feel the same. ..
I will love him always, and then such time that we will see each other, thanks asiankisses for being the lead to meet each other..

For my Mike, where ever you are now, I want you to know that I LOVE YOU More than anything in this world..


Jinky and Rusty 20 Jun 2013 Success story
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I wanna say Thank you so much ASIAN KISSES for bringing us together. I met my husband here we back MAY 2006 .He went to the Philippines after one year of our communication.. I am so glad to have him becouse he's very nice guy. I am so blessed because he's a pastor...
Right now, I am here in UNITED STATES OF AMERICA for five years now and I got my US CITIZENSHIP last year..
To those womens out there just be patience , be true to yourself and time will come to you... Always Pray to good and he will answer your prayer....


Frank and Ruby 09 Jun 2013 Success story
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I won't bore you by writing a long essay, but just wanted to thank your website for helping me find the woman I had been searching for for the whole of my adult life.

Ruby and I were married shortly after we met, and have been enormously happy with each other, and it is in large part thanks to my finding her on Asian Kisses.

Thank you a thousand-fold; you have made me a very happy man indeed.

Jean... and 07 May 2013 Success story
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Hi every one!
My friend found her Mr. Kopido, I mean her husbond, in this site.
Shes lucky with him..I hope someday i will find my soulmate too.
Have a wonderday to all!
More power and god bless you all...

Nels and Lady 05 Mar 2013 Success story
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I found my perfect mate two years ago I never thought it possible to find my wife on a dating site; but it did absolutely happen. I found her I married her and I will never regret being married to my perfectly absolutly beautiful wife.

Robert 04 Mar 2013 Testimonial
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Thank you Asian Kisses!!!!

I found a beautiful woman on this site and we were married last week and already have her papers being processed so she can join me here in the United States.

Mae and Jim 01 Mar 2013 Success story
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Love always finds a way

to binds two hearts

from two different worlds..

Jim & Mae

A million thanks to asian kisses you made it happen here!
I meet my prince here and soon will be travelling to finnally have him
all through my life.

Cokie and Greg 24 Feb 2013 Success story
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Asiankisses: a million thanks to this site!

Here, I found the other half of my life.

We got married last Feb. 14, 2011. He is a decent man, with unbeatable sense of Humor and a man who drives me crazy everyday, Greg!

And those who are still searching keep on praying for God answers prayer!

Thank you and More Power!
God Bless!

and 08 Feb 2013 Success story
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Mina and Remo 25 Jan 2013 Success story
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Hallo Leute, Ich und Remo sind ab sofort glücklich zusammen!!!
Wir brauchen jetzt zeit für unsere zukunft, das heisst bitte keine e-mails mehr!!!! Herzlichen Dank für euer Verständniss!!!

Rosita 18 Jan 2013 Testimonial
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My friend ask me to join your site AsianKisses, she finds her loving husband here. I hope i can find my lifetime partner here too :) more power to this site

Joanne and David 11 Jan 2013 Success story
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I just wanna share my story.. I met my husband here last May 2011. I was still in Taiwan back then when we started our relationship. Then we decided to be together and he meet me in person in the Philippines September 2011. He met my dad and some of my relatives and they all loved him because he was really nice. Then after that we started our process through a fiance visa. I finally got here in the US last September 2012 and we got married December 2012. Now I'm in the process of changing my status. I am really happy and thankful for this site asiankisses. I would never thought that I will found my soul mate here. We are both lucky to have each other. And now we are really happy with our lives right now. We do a lot of things together. He's a very sweet and loving husband. Thankful to God for his blessing. More power to this site. And hope all the members will find their true happiness too!!

mike williams and archelle 01 Jan 2013 Success story
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Just like to thank Asian Kissies so much for bringing so much happyness into my life, I was looking for true love as i had been in an very unhapppy loveless marriage for many years i came from the uk with my wife thinking it might make things better,but after getting here that wasnt the case so she went back to England,and i stayed then a friend of mine reconmended this site which is where he found his true love and i thought what have i got to lose, never done anything like this before, so dicided to sign up on the 4th june 2012 after a hour of putting in my details in i had a few views but Archelle was the first one to contact me so we just typed and i liked her profile which said the things i wanted in life which was a massive plus so we typed for a couple of hrs but i was curious so i asked her if we could chat on the web, she said she could but she had no speaker to hear me but least i could see her, but when i see Archelle for real it was like love at first site so every evening after work i would catch up on yahoo then decided to switch to skype to get a better connection which we had,and she got a speaker we would talk for many hours i couldnt believe my luck being it was my first contact and we clicked from the start, so after many months of this i dicided to book my ticket to the Philippines for the 13th of November to 9th December to meet the love of my life and i was not dissapointed we hit off straight away, like we known each other for many years and l have never been so happy and meeting her close family was speical for me seeing how happy they were made it for me they made me feel so welcome , and we went to some beautiful places it was just perfect and we both new we want to spend the rest of our life together for ever, now hoping for Archelle to be joining me very soon we miss each other so much we are totally comitted & inlove with each other can not wait for our time to share our life together, like to thank my friend Mark and Asian kisses once again, god bless you all from Mike & Archelle

Eliza and Mel 20 Dec 2012 Success story
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I just want to say thank you for this site where my sister found the best,better and the right one for her. They met in this site last August 2012 then after a couple of mos. Mel come here in Phils. And ask our parents permission to marry my sister,now they are already engaged last Dec.9,2012... Now they are on going for my sister Fiance Visa after 3-5 mos. My sister will follow to her husband in USA..Hoping love and faith will always remain on their heart till eternity,i am very much happy for my sister.
Hope also in this site i will met and found the right one for me,again thanks AK and more power!

John and Lia 17 Dec 2012 Success story
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I started my search for true love about 2 weeks before I met Lia and I put about 20 women on my favorite list before I bought the email package for a month, I sent out about 15 emails and made contact with about 8 different women and would use Instant Messenger to chat with all the ones I made contact with, everyone I spoke with was nice and and sincere but no real connection happened until Lia and I started chatting, we click from the first moment and I knew we felt this was a special connection between us from the beginning.

We started with an email on August 10, 2012, exchanged our messenger ID''s and started chatting on Aug. 11th. We hit it off great from the beginning sharing the same interests and enjoying each other conversations. The first few weeks we talked on messenger everyday for 4-5 hours laughing and enjoying each other with so much in common. I asked her to download Skype in hopes of getting a better internet connection and sure enough we continued to talk everyday for 4 months.

Time went so fast every time we spoke, 3-4 hours felt like 20 minutes, after the first 6 or 7 weeks talking on Skype we decided we should meet so I asked for a request for time off from work to go visit Lia in Jakarta.We both knew from the beginning that we had a feeling that this was the one to marry, I knew she was the one and Lia felt it too so after 4 months of emailing, Skype, and messenger we needed to be together and know it was real. We waited a few weeks for the approval at work and in the mean time we kept talking about what were going to do or see while I visit her. I never have been to that part of the world so I wanted to see different countries so we decided on visiting a couple countries and after talking and learning that Lia was a well seasoned traveler throughout Asia we decided on meeting in Hong Kong for a week, then flew through Singapore to Jakarta then visited Lombok where we went on to the Gili Islands for another week. After the Gili Islands we went on to Bali for a week then on to Patong, Thailand & the Phi Phi Islands and eventually made it back to her home to meet her family and announce that we were engaged!

We already hit it off so good the first 3 months using Skype that when we met we were already so in Love with each-other. We were both a little nervous the first few days but after we got to know each other we were so deeply in Love that the world seemed to stop. After the first week we ended up in Singapore on our 4 month anniversary day and I asked for her hand in marriage while we were laughing, hugging, and kissing together. I didn't have a ring but I knew it was the right time to ask and Lia said YES! We continued on our vacation/honeymoon for another 3 weeks and bought the rings in Jakarta before I left. We filed for our fiancee Visa last week and expect to marry next year in the United states once all the paper work is approved.

Thank you so much Asiankisses for bringing us together! Lia and I are soul-mates, best friends, lovers, and our everything together forever in magic love. We wish and hope everyone finds there true love and remember to follow your heart.

maricris and harold 21 Nov 2012 Success story
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Thank you so much in this site!

Klaus and Rio 16 Nov 2012 Success story
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Vielen Dank Asiankisses !!!!!
Nach dem ersten Kontakt hier bei Euch vor 3 Jahren sind wir nun endlich in Deutschland glücklich zusammen, trotz Besuchsvisaversagung durch die deutsche Botschaft 2010 und " noch so ein paar anderer netten Sachen" seitens der Behörden :-(.....
Wir können nur allen empfehlen, sich auf eine längere Zeit einzurichten, bis der Traum des Zusammenlebens in Deutschland wahr wird.
Nun ist es geschafft , wir leben seit Oktober glücklich hier in Deutschland zusammen und wünschen allen Anderen auch viel Glück und vor allem einen langen Atem .....
Beste Grüsse Rio und Klaus

Thanks Asiankisses!!

My beloved husband and I are having now a wonderful life here in Deutschland.... We can start now to build our own happy family and good future..
I am a lucky wife for having a loving and caring husband KLaus....

Thanks and more power Asiankisses!!

Klaus and Rio