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Pineda PIN8927
46 years
163 cm
58 kg
Davao Del D / Philippines
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Looking my destiny
Ira IRA6778
41 years
152 cm
45 kg
Cebu Philip / Saudi Arabia
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Under my age pls. Do not message me I won't reply you.
Sorry. Preferred matured man...scammers I know you - sweet words you say - going to the trash can .
Don't judge me by my photos you don't know me unless if we met
Sometimes my English - not good ( grammatically wrong ) .It's not important that's not my dialect that I spoke everyday. But I'm 100% understand you if you can talk or write me in English. So be equal , fair and respect . Thanks! For understanding. Everything is fine . GOD BLESS!
So here.....
You may ask What do i want?
I just want to be loved in the way I love and i want my forever to make me realize that every broken heart I've ever had was just a bump in the road leading to them. I want to fall in love with you. And i want someone to love me in ways that I didn't know we're even possible. I want someone to take my heart into their hands and protect it forever. Sometimes I wonder if you're ever really out there..I hope you are. I want to believe in love because right Now, I don't know if I do, i don't know if it's real . I'm not sure if it's real for me. It's funny how one person can change your world just like that. But how do I know if someone is forever? I guess only time will tell because I think not knowing is the greatest thing someone could ever fear. I just hope one day that I'll be lucky enough to find my forever. Never give up. No matter how tough times maybe . True love is worth it.
Mary MAR79970
43 years
158 cm
66 kg
Makati / Philippines
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A simple and honest woman who wants to meet a responsible and family oriented man.
Crissa CRI6334
35 years
154 cm
45 kg
Manila / Philippines
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Hoping to find someone for marriage, to love and be loved, someone i could spend the rest of my life with.
Elaine ELA6054
44 years
162 cm
62 kg
Mosta / Malta
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I'm a simple woman who wants a simple man that will make me happy ,I'm not perfect but i am real and honest, please im not here for fun ..
Josie JOS9540
53 years
161 cm
57 kg
Manila / Philippines
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kind and good heart. . i like aman age 45 and above , and he likes also my kids because i am a single mother my husband died last 4 years ago. i like aperson he prraise our almighty God always. i am honest woman i dont like lier. i dont care the age.
Anne ANN2983
31 years
149 cm
61 kg
Bielefeld / Germany
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I m New Here Looking for a good man Here
Jevilyn JEV7486
24 years
147 cm
39 kg
Bxu / Philippines
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Single, never been married, honest, sincere, loving, caring, humble, friendly, easy to get along with, hardworking.
Hoping to find that special one here. He must be goodhearted one and sincere.
Vernisita VIR4384
62 years
158 cm
46 kg
Cagayan De / Philippines
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im widower,tired of finding a real love but im tryng to find on here if ever happend too,, i know its not easy to find , who knows, GOD will help me to find it,, i wish i could meet, who will do for me soon,, happy to meet him on here, im just simple slim woman, knows to cook a little but have ,the most important to me is he loves me in whole life, im his everything on his life.thanks to all whos likes to read my profile,
emy EMY2654
29 years
150 cm
31 kg
naga / Philippines
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Lorna LOR5911
42 years
161 cm
51 kg
Novaliches / Philippines
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im loving,caring ,loveable,understanding,i stay home only if i don't like to go out.i know how to cook,i want my partner is nice,kind,humble,he accept my daughter and family.if he loves me he love also my family what it is my past.
Rona RON1399
41 years
158 cm
55 kg
Makati / Philippines
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About Me!Simple, Kind, Homebody, Beautiful
Ylevol LUV5460
30 years
153 cm
46 kg
Davao / Philippines
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I'm xxxx of age,I'm a single mom and I have 1 beautiful daughter.I'm looking for someone who accept me of who I am and love me for the rest of his life and of course willing to accept and love my daughter too...
Joyce JOY5418
21 years
158 cm
46 kg
Manila Phil / Philippines
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Looking for a guy who knows the word respect and honesty. Can love me until the end of the world.
Margie MAR58154
44 years
163 cm
69 kg
Hampshire / United Kingdom
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Simple, laid back and loving. I’m looking for someone decent, honest and willing to work for a lasting relationship.
Lion LIO3471
36 years
161 cm
60 kg
Al Fahahil / Kuwait
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I'm really single ,im friendly,I'm lovable ,I can't say I'm pretty physically but I have a good heart to promised and sad to say I'm thrifty some people says it's an advantage but some says it's not... lastly Im foodie I mean I love eating especially when I get stressed.waiting for a guy ages above 36 see you .be my friend and even more than friends
Jocelyn JOC4514
53 years
160 cm
50 kg
Zamboanga / Philippines
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i am an energetic and hardworking woman,loving ,thoughtful,honest and faithful..............
Alice ALI6072
58 years
162 cm
58 kg
Shanghai / China
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I am a kind and honest woman,I'm looking for a good and clever husband。Hope that you have a work of stability.

I stay in the United States now, in mid-January back to Shanghai,Hope to meet a suitable you。
Quincy QUI2122
34 years
168 cm
52 kg
Frankfurt A / Germany
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i am a serious, loyal, honest, caring funny, social and a good heart woman
Ida IDA6036
57 years
148 cm
58 kg
San Miguel / Mexico
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57 yrs old Filipina, a quarter Chinese (mother side) and traces of Spanish (father side), Swedish citizen, retired early, fluent in English and Swedish plus some Spanish, college graduate, well travelled, rooted in the Philippines but mainly lives in Mexico .... likes cooking, gardening, writing my own romantic verses , enjoys cozy home life but also the occassional travel and adventure, nature, leisurely bicycle rides, snorkeling, animals and playing the piano (classical & contemporary ballads/movie scores) .... And yes, as shown in one of my photos, I have a tattoo on my left arm (done in Sweden) of a vine with flowers and leaves encircling only the outer upper arm ... Looking for somebody to fully share life with ..... as an equally loving, emotionally supportive lifetime mate and best friend ... Some of the things l believe in and try to live by, in my very own words ......

* Better to be rejected for who you are, than to be loved for who you're not ...

*. If someone in your life doesn’t want to stay, simply let them go...For it’s their loss that your value & true beauty they’ll never get to know ....

* Everything in this life is so much better with the right partner ... husband ... or wife..
The difficulties, worries, and trials feel so much lighter to bear ...
And when we can wholeheartedly share
all the blessings & good things we receive feel a million times more,
if there’s that priceless special someone,we have come to love , value, and adore ...

* There are times when what we want may not be what we really need ...
* Rather the harshness of the truth ... than the fragrance of a lie ...
* First learn to know & love yourself, so you can better share that love with another ...

And last but not the least ..
* We eventually choose the yardstick by which we live by and be the person that we become, so believe in it and stand up for it ... and dont succumb to the pressure from those who can neither understand nor accept it.

Caucasian .... not necessarily limited to but most preferrably from North America for reasons of proximity to where I currently am or Scandinavia (Sweden, Denmark, Norway) due to familiarity ... or perhaps already living in the Philippines ... single, divorced, or widowed ... responsible but with a good dose of sense of humor , and still knows how to be a gentleman .. comfortable in his own skin ... loves animals... I am allergic to cigarette smoke, so must be a non-smoker OR light/social smoker at the most ... appreciates private moments like a stroll on the beach or outdoors in nature as well as a cozy home life with his mate ... willing to & capable of giving love/ appreciation/ understanding/ respect as much as he wants to receive in return...

Believes in the value of open communication while still mindful to avoid off-color remarks and what may be inappropriate ...

Someone really ready to move on with his personal life ... NOT looking for just a weekend/occassional girlfriend or "Friend with Benefits" .... but truly searching for his lifetime partner.

Only profiles WITH photos please .... As for money and love scammers prowling out there, better not waste anybody's time by bothering to try because I have come across enough of such, to know one by now... and neither will I ever ask for money or anything material from anyone , for I think that no amount of material need is worth degrading one's self for.