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Mamoru MAM7408
74 歳
173 cm
68 kg
Hokkaido / 日本
Manigong BagongTaon 2012 !
May mga kaligayaham sa lahat ng tao sa Pilipinas.
How do you do ?
Ako ay isang solong divorce para sa 38 taon.
My company visits Chinese Shanghai and Macau in the trading firm every month.
It comes to often visit the Philippines where nature is beautiful through the business this year.
When it is possible to meet the person who guides the person and the sight seeing spot that coaches for Tagalog when it visits the Philippines, it is happy highest.
The appearance meeting with the direction which understands some sincere and tender-hearted persons and business lives of mine is expected. Bahala na po kayo sa akin !!・・・I do not desire game.
It believes from the deeply of its heart, and wishes the relations with an honest and friendly man.
Those who can accompany by interpreter about one week there are big welcomes.
yorosiku onegai shimasu.