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Pit PIT5343
53 years
187 cm
120 kg
Seattle / United States of America
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I'm mostly curious.Hope you are mostly interesting.
Roylan ROY4475
27 years
157 cm
46 kg
Bayamo / Cuba
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Really everyone wants their partner to be beautiful but unfortunately there are ugly in the world. I do not judge you, do not do it with me remember that I did not choose to be ugly, I was born that way
Ron RON1663
44 years
180 cm
80 kg
Omaha / United States of America
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Sweet and kind, considerate. Good attitude about life.
Eli ELI2700
74 years
172 cm
70 kg
Miami / United States of America
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I'm looking for serious wome
Dave DAV3058
69 years
183 cm
81 kg
Honolulu / United States of America
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I'm an every day type of person. A little bit of a surfer a little bit of a cowboy. definitely a laid back type. I work hard and like to kick back and enjoy when I can. The type of lady I'm interested in needs to be honest eveything else can go from there. I am very attracted to asian women

Update. Always Im approched by women looking for money. Im tired of all you rip off artist and thiefs. No honest women out there? New rule if you dont make same amount of money as me please dont bother me. If you dont make $100,000 a year go away and dont bother me!!!
Christopher CHR38776
40 years
174 cm
65 kg
Inverness / United Kingdom
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I am looking for someone easy going up for a laugh and willing to try new things
Rick RIC16871
66 years
181 cm
90 kg
Perth / Australia
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Happy, Fun, Honest, Healthy
Lerman Garcia LEZ1121
65 years
175 cm
68 kg
Chichirivic / Venezuela
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Hello,I am Lerman,plz, Search for me xxxxxxxx or FB.If you want to contact me or you are interested to know me please type your full and real name.Plz WRITE your Name and Last Name in your profile if you want me to search for u ok... I dont have a GOLD membership..I like asian woman between xxxxxyears old.I live alone,not kids.I live in small beach town in Venezuela.I m latin,responsible ,honest and hot man.I am looking foward to know you if you wish.. .Thanks for reading my profile..send and type me your private email.I am registered in LatinLoves too..I would like to live in Phillipine with you if you really like me..Thxs for reading my profile..
Mike MIK6246
49 years
175 cm
91 kg
San Diego / United States of America
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I love to travel and enjoy the night life in big cities. I like to stay in shape so I work out daily. I like to laugh and have fun. I'm looking for the same qualities in a female.
P Wire PWI3167
66 years
187 cm
84 kg
Indpls / United States of America
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Retired, looking to explore. I'm a free spirit, and practice hedonism. Not much for clothing. A bit of a voyeur. If it feels good, do it. I'm just here for the party. A bit of a freak. N U D I S T. Exhibitionist. 8 1/2 ''
Mike MIK1478
77 years
182 cm
94 kg
Bellreguard / Spain
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Very laid back guy, I am English but live in Spain, retired here ten years ago, have been to many parts of the world including China (twice) I liked China and its people very much and intend to visit again. Have had a good education and am very casual in all that I do and the way I dress. Have my own apartment and car, like to go out often to eat and to picnic on the beach. Although getting on a bit am very active, looking for initial friendship with a view to a deeper relationship in time.
My partner should be loyal and have some knowledge of English and be reasonably educated, should enjoy travel and seeing new places here in Spain and Europe, if she enjoys photography that would be really good. She can expect an easy going life here if things eventually lead to her coming here and will not need to work as I am financially secure. I should mention that if anything comes from chatting and an eventual meeting, the lady should be prepared to come to Spain to live, I have never felt so settled and it is doubtful that I would move anywhere else.
Lee LEE2070
57 years
175 cm
65 kg
Taipei / Taiwan
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nice to meet you.
Harold HAR2433
61 years
176 cm
91 kg
Columbia / United States of America
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I am a happy person, love to see new thing go new places, but will always have time for family.
I love a challenge a little risk is good for the hart.
Martin MAR95414
60 years
191 cm
0 kg
London / United Kingdom
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I am easy going guy living alone in Kensington looking for good company for friendship . I enjoy restaurants music movies cooking walking and nice people
Martin MAR0521
39 years
186 cm
71 kg
Hanover / Germany
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+four nine one five seven seven one two three two five four two
Benjamin BEN7915
55 years
169 cm
88 kg
Southbend / United States of America
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Hi I'm Ben I'm single and looking for someone to come to the USA and be married with me she has to be able to make hard times easier to deal with if this is u then message me no
cheaters, lairs if u put down on ur profile that u r over 30 but ur not plz don't bother me cause as I said no lairs and to me that's already one...
Carlos CAR6157
41 years
170 cm
70 kg
La Pila / Mexico
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I’m looking my soulmate, I’m convinced that the asian women are soo beautiful for this I think that my soulmate is in asia.
38 years
177 cm
72 kg
Mexico / Mexico
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send me a message and i contact you
Doug DOU4861
60 years
170 cm
72 kg
Brisbane / Australia
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I'm A Regular Guy, Romantic, Faithful, Fun Loving. I Work Hard In My International Business And I Miss Life Without A Loving Partner. I Love Dining Out, Travelling To Exotic Places, Walks On The Beach And Boating. Anything Else You'll Have To Ask Me.
Reginald REG7956
58 years
189 cm
83 kg
Atlanta / United States of America
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Hard working fair,truthfully, sincere, trustworthy