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Frank FRA9217
52 years
170 cm
75 kg
Hamburg / Germany
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i seek for a normally girl as life partner and more....i can speak english/german...you can send a messages or please contakt me ;-) *smile*
Mandoeli ARM3439
63 years
177 cm
79 kg
Los Angeles / United States of America
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Hello, my name is Armando.I am a US born Latino. I have had many experiences in life and have come to the realization that life is to enjoy to its fullest. My path in life has been strengthened by my faith and through God’s guidance of my inner spirit! I love life and care deeply for people and all living things. I am fascinated by the beauty of nature and the mysteries of this vast universe.

I am an educated man that has learned one of the most important things beyond my academic education. I am a Christian that has had a spiritual awakening and I realize that life without God is without direction/purpose.It is because of this that I can enjoy life much better.Because of my faith, I also feel that I can be a responsible and a good man to the lady that’s willing to give me a chance to be with her.

I look forward to life each day and look for the good and positve in all people, places, and things around me.Life is not just about me.Whenever possible it is very satisfying to be of service and lend a helping hand to someone in need.Keeping God first is my number one priority.With this in mind and heart everything seems to fall into place.For me having friends is a gift.Being true to oneself, being honest, sincere, respectful and understanding, loyal, trustworthy, and good communication are the keys to having good friendships.

I like to do many things in life.I like to exercise and do yoga to stay in shape.I love music,enjoy reading,sports,movies,and eating good food (but not too much, because I don’t want to get fat).I enjoy the beach very much and breathing that fresh ocean breeze. Being at the beach gives me peace and tranquility. I also like hiking very much in the mountains, that's also good exercise and soothing to my soul. I like to stay active and enjoy doing many things that lead to good health and my spiritual well-being.

I am hoping to find a loving, attractive, mature, and sweet Asian lady.I truly admire the beauty of an Asian woman that enjoys exercising to maintain a good healthy body.The lady I would cherish to have by my side is friendly and playful, kind and caring, responsible,well-spoken with good common sense, loyal, sincere,and trustworthy with a deep heartfelt faith in God. I am looking forward to having a long lasting, loving, and caring friendship with a lady like this.I am a God loving man that desires to have an Asian lady in my life so that we can enjoy ourselves as best of friends.
By getting to know each other, the lady I seek would be willing to come to the US to live here in Los Angeles,California(USA) with me. Of course, I would definitely consider a lady living in the southern California area also. As the man that I am, I would do my best to be responsible and enjoy life with her and would treat her as the love of my life and a precious child of God!

It all begins with friendship, so let's get to know each other. Let our friendship blossom like a spring flower.....and allow the power of love and the beauty of life to flow into our lives!
The question is....Do you have the faith and courage to join me on this journey in life so that we may grow lovingly and spiritually? I believe in my heart that one of you lovely ladies might be the one for me and I for you! After all, isn’t that why we are all here on earth, to find and give and share love with each other! I know I am.....but first things first.Let’s get to know each other and begin a friendship. Thank you for reading my profile and may God bless you and your family!
Richard Fernandes Petraglia RIC1796
49 years
180 cm
67 kg
Uberlandia / Brazil
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Call me at Wats app xxxxx ❤
Vin MIC2377
61 years
180 cm
96 kg
Ingolstadt / Germany
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Gets only bad boys good girls? If yes, I will be a very good bad boy.

My names Vin (nickname), from Germany. You'll see that I'm not so bad..............rather I am a good guy with the heart on the right place.

Yes, I still live in Germany now, but later I'll go to Thailand forever, because I like the culture, the warm weather, the beaches and most of all the spicy food and to relax.
Maybe I will go soon.
I`m not the kind of man who ist talking too much. I love riding motorbike around Thailand. But driving alone is boring, so I'm looking for a cute thai girlfriend who understand me and take care me well. I like fun, cozy rural life also in Isaan and nightlife of the big city like Pattaya and Bangkok.
I dont want a Party girl, a Madam or a Luxury girl. I'm looking for a small, pally girl who likes to drink a beer every now and then.
Rick RIC1280
53 years
182 cm
88 kg
Stanthorpe / Australia
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I'm looking for a good friend (woman) from Asia, who i could develop a friendship with and hopefully a loving relationship.
I'm a business man from Brisbane, Australia and am financially secure.
My interests in life vary from my work to short travel trips and i enjoy dining out and all the usual things in life, like movies and music.
Hope to chat with you soon.
Dave DAV1975
62 years
177 cm
103 kg
Oshawa / Canada
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down to earth, hard working,canadian born but raised in uk, dry sence of humore,honest to a fault,i like to repair things and do a lot around my friends and my house, i'm in the prosses of builing my retirement homexxxxxyrs to go)and then i will continue my passion of repairing things and excavating company
Umar UMA6039
25 years
155 cm
55 kg
Rawalpindi / Pakistan
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all is well
Phil PHI1468
45 years
184 cm
79 kg
Vancouver / Canada
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I'm average guy, active and fun. I like sailing, backpacking, dancing, and world traveling.
Salem SAL7850
23 years
166 cm
66 kg
Chambly / France
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homme libre
Jerry JER8243
74 years
175 cm
79 kg
Casper / United States of America
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Iam a widowed and I live a lone and I do not have no kids Iam looking for a wife a woman that wood like come to the USA I like to go fishing and camping
Wayne WAY9768
54 years
170 cm
66 kg
Kenmore / United States of America
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will fill in later
Carl CAR9495
62 years
176 cm
88 kg
Derby / United States of America
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friend to romance to long term relationship
Anthony ANT4334
50 years
146 cm
65 kg
Singapore / Singapore
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Looking for new frens.
Ernest ERN2480
58 years
178 cm
70 kg
Chester / United Kingdom
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Hi, I'm looking for an honest person, someone who is caring, willing to along with the ups & the downs of life, that is passionate,tactile, as Iam, not afraid to show it,i.e. holding hands in public, not a player, as I can see through them ! Iam hard working, as Iam self employed you have to be,no work no pay ! I love animals especially dogs the bigger the better, a dog to me does;nt ask for much only to be fed & watered & he will reward you with all the love & affection ten fold, if you wish to know more about me please ask, I don't bite, well that is if you show me love & affection.
Jörg JOR9844
41 years
174 cm
120 kg
Frankfurt A / Germany
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Hello nice you visit my profile
Jukka JUK5274
61 years
185 cm
98 kg
Helsinki / Finland
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Romantic,caring,real man!! ;)
Tore TOR7845
64 years
183 cm
85 kg
Oslo / Norway
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LOOKING FOR ENDLESS LOVE:Nice and kind man is respectfully looking for a warm and beautiful lifetime partner for longtime relationship/marriage,hope to find my soulmate,bestfriend and only love.Life is to short to play around so i am very serious and also a very caring man who will stay beside my partner allways.I am not a big drinker and i do not smoke.I am a onewomanman and not a butterfly,hope to see u soon
Johan JOH40046
47 years
178 cm
88 kg
Levanger / Norway
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I am a Norwegian man locking for a Nice and polite womman
Peter PET1543
63 years
173 cm
78 kg
Munich / Germany
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I like a woman who enjoys life and likes laughter. If you have some interest in travelling, art, photography, music, science...and LOVE of course: perfect. I do business of various kinds, religious research, astrology, - and I can give a good massage. Funny mix, isn't it? - I like to join the differences into a ONE-NESS.
Living in Thailand and Germany.
Looking forward to your message.
Thank you, Peter

Steve BUR9130
70 years
182 cm
79 kg
Daytona Bea / United States of America
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Hello, I live for art! I have studied art all my life and still actively drawing and painting. My first choice would be someone to share life with (my last love) to love and laugh with! If you interested I will be glad to show you what I can do, I like to paint people mostly. It would be great to find someone with ablity to come to the USA and already has a VISA then lets get to know each other.