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Mayer MAY3767
38 years
179 cm
87 kg
Montreal / Canada
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I would like to find a mature, self-confident women who knows what she wants from this life. I want to feel near her like behind a stone wall.
Eli ELI2700
75 years
172 cm
70 kg
Miami / United States of America
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I'm looking for serious wome
Detlef DET9154
57 years
188 cm
100 kg
Unna / Germany
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Seeking a honest, simple and loyal Woman
Timothy TIM1439
57 years
166 cm
73 kg
Cupertino / United States of America
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I am not a tall , dark & handsome looking guy . But I am Smart , Honest , Loyal , Faithful , One-woman man , Loving , Caring , Romantic , Passionate , Very Respectful , Reliable , Supportive , Understanding , Open-minded , Considerate , Easy-going , Patient , Out-going , Adventurous , Love travel . (Don't want to say to much want you to find out for yourself ) . I just want to give 100% to all her wants and needs to give her a Good and Happy life . I just want a Asian wife to take care of . As long as she will Love me for who I am and for what's in my Heart . I will Love her with all my Heart and Soul as my wife forever. For a long-term Marriage . I know we can have a wonderful life together . So if you are interested in me ? Please write to me if you are interested . Thank you ................................
Seeking a Asian Wife 21 to 40 yrs. I am not picky . she can be a Vietnamese , Chinese , Fillipina , Thai , Korean , Japanese , Taiwanese , Cambodian , any Asian woman . If she is same like me or not ? If she has same interests as me or not ? It will be alright . I know we can work if out as long as we love each other . If you are a woman who want to be taken care of and Loved with respect . Like a woman should be taken care of and Loved with respect . Then I am the one for you . I know I can give you a Good and Happy life . So if you are interested ? Please contact me . I would love to hear from you . Thank you .....................................
Bill BIL5655
46 years
170 cm
73 kg
Wilmington / United States of America
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I have traditional family values, I'm honest and believe marriage is forever. I don't have a wondering eye. I appreciate stability and commitment. I want a home with my future wife and children. A small place, fireplace inside, a backyard for the kids to play. I live in a nice suburban area. There are very good schools. It's near to the city, but not too close. I'm a hardworking person, and enjoy spending time at home. I'm not a drinker. I'm also near a large State park that has horseback riding, a lake, and hiking. I love live performances, especially music and theater, concerts and comedy. I also love the outdoors, nature and camping. I want one woman, who will be with me forever, the two of us making a family together. That will make my life complete.

I'm not trying to sound rude, I just don't want to waste time. YOU MUST MEET THESE MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS PLEASE: 1. You must be willing to marry within one year (or less if we both agree) of knowing each other. 2. You must be willing to relocate to the US when we are married (I work here, if I lost my job, I could easily find another job here, this is where we will build our family... We will make sure you visit your family for holidays as often as possible, but relocating to the US eventually is absolutely necessary). 3. You must be willing (and have a strong desire to) have children (hopefully within a year of being married... We should spend time together after being married for a while, but I want to begin building our family and don't want to wait years). 4. Between the age of 18 to 38 maximum (but please be realistic too, if you're 35 to 38, ask yourself first before contacting me if you truly think you can have one or two children in the next year or two, if not, we aren't compatible), and able to have children. 5. You should have qualities like being a homebody, perhaps even to be a housewife and wanting to have at least two children. 6. You must also speak enough English to have a basic conversation. For a fiance visa they'll require it.
7. Currently I'm living with my parents. My dad's health isn't good, he probably won't be alive after eight to twelve months from now, so you must be willing to stay in my parents home fo several months. Once the 90 day fiance visa is complete, you still wouldn't be able to work any way for a few months until green card gets approved, so it'll give us a good amount of time to bond as a new married couple and save more to get a house nearby months from now. It'll also give you time to know my dad before he goes, and he would of gotten a chance to know his new daughter-in-law before he passes away too.
8. I find a woman who has submissive qualities, who doesn't just want a man but feels she needs a man to feel complete, to be my perfect match. Everything I do in life is to help make my parents life easier and better. Because I think more about the people I care for than I do of my own needs and desires. And I will do the same for my wife and children some day too. My woman should be willing to (and have the desire to) make the man who she's decided to have for life be selfless in the ways she makes her man happy each day.
9. Understand also that I'm not going to plan to visit you this week. I don't intend to take vacation trips repeatedly to a country I've never been to, and spend money I've been saving for when I am one day married, just to hang out and see if we have chemistry. At my age, I know what I want and what I don't want, and I've written a lot about those things above already. For me since I am so clear, I won't take months to know if you're my perfect match. I'll know in a lot less time. So if I am to travel to the other side of the world it's only because it's a requirement for the fiance visa that I'm able to prove we met at least once. And I only intend to do all that if we are both sure we want to be married. Then we'll meet so we have proof we met one of the visa application requirements. And you will also already have agreed that you will be willing to relocate once that application is approved (I believe it takes 30 days). Then once here, we will need to be officially married within 90 days since it's a requirement for the fiance visa for them to let you stay here. If this all sounds too fast for you, I'm not the guy for you. I'm 45 years old, and my father who's been my best friend isn't going to be alive this time next year. And I know mentally I will feel a great loss and the only thing that will help is knowing I'm not alone in this world, that I have a wife and eventually a family. So if you're chatting with several other people, to keep your options open while knowing me, please skip my profile now. I'm not the most attractive man, I'm not wealthy, and it will be difficult enough finding the balance and time due to the time difference to work, take care of my dad and get to know you, so let's value each other's time and not waste it. But I am stable, family oriented, hardworking, faithful, and honest. I don't offer world travel, luxury, or anything related. I do offer a simple life, that is stable and a lifelong friend, husband, and marriage. The woman that matches me wants those five qualities and expects nothing more and nothing less.

If all of these things match what you want then feel free to contact me. If not thank you any way but let's not waste each others time. Be prepared to share many things about yourself so we learn if we are a good match or not. Thank you and good luck to both of us.
Craig CRA8520
69 years
176 cm
79 kg
Aldershot / United Kingdom
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hi ladies.. im an easy going person .i like to mix and socialise and enjoy most entertainment..im very tactile.loving.caring.like the xxxxi enjoy talking and conversation.
looking for a woman who believes in honesty and sharing in a relationship.who is tactile ,passionate and loving and wants to work together for a relationship
Hartwig HAR8052
69 years
183 cm
120 kg
Velbert / Germany
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I live as single together with my nine years old daughter. Now I am looking for a new partner, who should have a kind and warm character and can hopefully love both of us -
Jan JAN3333
68 years
180 cm
87 kg
Dlemens / Germany
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it is okay if you are honest and sincere. I like charming and intelligent ladies
Steve STE7648
81 years
170 cm
78 kg
Winnipeg / Canada
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I can be described as an honest, caring man with a wide variety of interests, who lives an active life and is considered adventurous, intelligent and energetic. Also, I am very affectionate and enjoy both, giving and receiving affection.
Used to take many ski vacations, but now I prefer to spend some time in Mexico, the Caribbean, South-East Asia or any other warmer destination during the winter and enjoy the available water sports there, like sailing and windsurfing. Some of my other interests include music, dancing (some ballroom and Latin), staying in shape and many outdoor activities.
The person I am looking for should be honest, caring, affectionate, reasonably attractive and fit, enjoy nature, romantic dinners with soft lights, soft music, good conversation and maybe some wine. She should also enjoy travel and it would be nice, but not necessary, if she had the time available to do a considerable amount of it.
Honest communication is very important to me. We don't have to have all the same interests, but there should be enough shared, to provide a good foundation for a future together.
Jimmy JIM25066
64 years
173 cm
80 kg
Pattaya / Thailand
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Im a man 62 years ...lokking for a nice and kind womman. Hope you are there some place ..!!
my s. name is Mod-nok skp and can try same other places to.My line use Jim Olav Komma. Wish you all a nice day , and thanks for you visit my site !!!
Want to meet you soon!!
Denny DEN9394
63 years
188 cm
104 kg
Dresden / Germany
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Hi, I like you, I would like to get to know you better, I'm Svenny from Germany, Saxony, near Dresden, I'm looking for new friends - maybe more ???
Jacob JAC37633
53 years
178 cm
104 kg
Las Vegas / United States of America
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im very driven in all that i do ,i enjoy all sports and i coach all sports,im looking for a life partner ,to enjoy the time that we have together,and enjoy our family
Brian BRI4362
54 years
174 cm
69 kg
Brisbane / Australia
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I am a very clean fit and healthy man originally from England now living in Australia living aloone hoping to meet someone to share my life with,
Rudolf PEP6888
47 years
173 cm
80 kg
Jakarta / Indonesia
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Hi.. Helouw.. I really not good at this part.. my english langguage is bad, but I try to write this as easy as I know.. Im not goin to write long description here because there will be nothing to write or talk about later. The point is Im here looking for new relationship, looking for a woman whom I could share good and bad things in life. Im looking for my behalf, true love, a person who want to make a family.
Im not a gold member so I cannot reply email here. Thanks for reading.
Mike MIK8879
45 years
180 cm
85 kg
Auckland / New Zealand
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I am a single male looking to meet a woman who is interested in fun and romance. I am a successful businessman who is lonely and looking to meet a nice woman to spend time with.
Guenthermarold GUE6160
66 years
168 cm
76 kg
Düsseldorf / Turkey
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İ seek a nice attractive lovely Girl
with abr>For all Details please ask me.br>or Call me under .......
Wish me a Girl with aBody .... and long Hair..and nice Eyes and a sweet Smile for ever
Lile sweet little Fılıpina.. long black haır slım Body nıce Face ..
Toni TON4992
51 years
171 cm
63 kg
Karlsruhe / Germany
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About me.
Others describe me as a charismatic man with a sporty look. My job also embodies my own style. I am independent businessman and work worldwide in the perfume industry.
My behavior towards other people is always charming and friendly.

I'm looking for a girlfriend, or perhaps more, and look forward to nice contacts.
José Juis JOS5299
60 years
172 cm
79 kg
Huancayo / Peru
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soy tranquilo, me gusta los animales y plantas,
Jose JOS9478
61 years
167 cm
69 kg
Quito / Ecuador
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hombre deportista , serio , responsable,
Phil PHI1440
52 years
182 cm
81 kg
Chat / France
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I'm looking for true love for all my life. I'm hard worker, leader, manager, and I'd like find a sincere woman.