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Andre AND9830
62 years
185 cm
90 kg
Ottawa / Canada
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Open minded man searching for an honest young attractive partner for a long term relationship. I am free to travel and will do so to meet the right person.
Benny BEN6479
61 years
183 cm
104 kg
Los Angeles / United States of America
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Romantic, kind, gentle, very loving and nuturing to those I care about. I love cuddling, cooking together, tennis, sports, and traveling. Looking for a sincere loving caring person who is willing to share their life with me with it’s ups and downs.Do not contact me if you want to manipulate and obtain money from me. I am looking for someone who is sincere and wanting to have a genuine relationship.
Jhon JHO2108
48 years
171 cm
67 kg
Jakarta / Indonesia
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I am from South Indonesia, I want to have friends
Lee LEE2070
58 years
172 cm
65 kg
Taipei / Taiwan
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nice to meet you.
Manfred MAN4916
60 years
170 cm
80 kg
Waldshut / Germany
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will see what going on here :-) ich suche hier nur Freundschaften und KEINE neue Frau
Lester LES4950
68 years
172 cm
82 kg
Rockdale / United States of America
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Friends in the beginning. See what the future will bring.
Ewald EWA4973
41 years
178 cm
88 kg
Bad Saulgau / Germany
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leben heiss lieben,lieben heist leiden.wenn du nicht leiden willst ,dann liebe nicht.aber wenn du nicht liebest wozu lebst du dann??
schreibt mir eine mai
Mario MAR54296
32 years
173 cm
72 kg
Berlin / Germany
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einsamer Mann sucht liebe Frau
Serge SER6457
52 years
187 cm
95 kg
Orange / France
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Hi every body, have a good mood
Victor VIC3449
61 years
174 cm
82 kg
Cincinnati / United States of America
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a good man looking 4 a good lady friend 2 get 2 know trust love and maybe marriage i retired after 31yrs on job own car an home. also help my mother take her to store and help her love my mother when she needs me she is why i am the man i am and i love my my sister i will do the same for her i like to cook dine out watch tv an go 2 movies i have never travel are been 2 the beach just worked and come home dont go 2 bars are party because of the way some people are not like it use 2 be but if i fine a good lady i will do what she wants 2 do and i believe in doing what we both like that's fair but i will tell you this i am good at it and know how 2 treat a lady i will make her fill like she never has before and a great kisser ya we all say it but when i meet the right one she will know if you want to know more just ask me
Christian CHR3744
27 years
171 cm
63 kg
Berching / Germany
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I am her to find my one and only, to share my life with.
I am here to find that one woman who know what she wants.
Love is not about finding the right Person but creating a right Relationship.. It's not about how much you Love you have in the Beginning but how much Love you build till the End
Frank FRA5700
55 years
170 cm
70 kg
Rostock / Germany
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Eine Frau
Don DON6987
73 years
183 cm
93 kg
Los Angeles / United States of America
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A very mature gentleman in my sixties
39 years
177 cm
72 kg
Mexico / Mexico
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send me a message and i contact you
Richie RIC8030
48 years
184 cm
73 kg
Brisbane / Australia
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Dear Scammers, why are you such terrible people? Do you believe in Karma? - it's real you know. You may waste your time with me but you won't get me. x

I am open minded, kind and friendly. I follow my

I studied Business, Computer Science and Psychology. I swim sometimes and play basketball to relax. I enjoy reading. I follow US politics and am interested in world events.

Looking for someone who can appreciate the simple pleasures of life. Looking for a strong connection based on mutual respect.

I was a business analyst but now I don't work. I am not rich but my name is Rich so I guess in a way I am :)

I am not the perfect man, I am unsure of my suitability.

I am continually joking, apologies in advance.

I wish you all good luck (even the scammers).

Martin PAU9256
51 years
170 cm
85 kg
Soest / Germany
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I a good person
Curt CUR9377
71 years
178 cm
80 kg
Key Largo / United States of America
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I live in South Florida. The weather is simi-tropical, hot in the summer but very nice in the winter. I am a retired construction worker and I like activities in nature, walks, fishing, boating, swimming, snorkeling, biking.
The woman I seek is pretty, slim, and healthy in all ways. She will love a good home life and some of the activities listed above. She will love affection and is affectionate, she will love to laugh and is tolerant with other people. I also hope she has a beautiful smile :0).
Sound SOU1211
65 years
186 cm
116 kg
Everywhere / United States of America
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four things that begins to describe who and what i am as a person

It's not what you look at that matters, it's what you see.Some like the shinny objects or pretty faces, their both nice and says very little

I don't go where the path may lead, instead i go where there's is no path and leave a trail. There nothing wrong with staying on the path, good thing can happen, i like pushing myself when i can and the path can be constraining at times.

I'd rather regret the things I've done than regret the things I haven't done,I'll never do or see it all, no one can but i like trying

And lastly' I've learn that talent is God given (unfortunately i don't have much,..lol) so be humble, fame is man given so be thankful and conceit is self given so be careful, a little conceit goes a long way and the world suffers to many fools as it is

I am a small business man, a amateur photographer / videographer with a active life style, and i seek someone with a positive outlook for friendship and possibly more

They say your only as young as you feel, .. well i was young once and it was nice but im not trying to relive my youth again lol, im older now and its way cooler.

have a bless day.
Marc MAR36978
57 years
180 cm
80 kg
Hanover / Germany
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A good heart is looking for a good heart!

Seeking a loving woman who wants to live with me and wants to experience the finer things in life.

There is nothing more beautiful, as with a dear partner to end the days hand in hand to go!
That is more valuable than gold!
I can not answer here, you can find me in tai kiss, thank you

Even if I am online here, I do not sit still at the computer.
I am delighted with your message.
Roland ROL9483
51 years
170 cm
70 kg
Hongkong / Hong Kong
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Looking forward to meet new friend, don't you ?