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Detta DET9185
62 years
173 cm
64 kg
Güstrow / Germany
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I would like to leave Germany in 1 years for a new culture ..... Asia !!!
a dear and very honest and independent girl is to accompany me .... only serious relationship! Please !!
lots of fresh air; a large garden and a thousand sunflowers; beautiful music and theater. Animals are good; an old house build and butterflies on the walls .....I am Not looking for money, status or Gifts . I desires honesty, Loyalty , Respect, Trust ,Responsible
Simon SIM7110
43 years
181 cm
85 kg
Auckland / New Zealand
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Loving caring honest faithful sweet kind thoughtful funny as I want the same in my other half. xxxxx
Phillip PHI5033
64 years
188 cm
79 kg
Palmdale / United States of America
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I'm not a rich man I have no money only love and devotion to offer
Joachim JOA4772
71 years
186 cm
86 kg
´süddeutsch / Germany
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i live in the south of Germany...i am a single... and i hope to meet here my very best friend or more...
Mike MIK1478
77 years
182 cm
94 kg
Bellreguard / Spain
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Very laid back guy, I am English but live in Spain, retired here ten years ago, have been to many parts of the world including China (twice) I liked China and its people very much and intend to visit again. Have had a good education and am very casual in all that I do and the way I dress. Have my own apartment and car, like to go out often to eat and to picnic on the beach. Although getting on a bit am very active, looking for initial friendship with a view to a deeper relationship in time.
My partner should be loyal and have some knowledge of English and be reasonably educated, should enjoy travel and seeing new places here in Spain and Europe, if she enjoys photography that would be really good. She can expect an easy going life here if things eventually lead to her coming here and will not need to work as I am financially secure. I should mention that if anything comes from chatting and an eventual meeting, the lady should be prepared to come to Spain to live, I have never felt so settled and it is doubtful that I would move anywhere else.
Solve SOL3419
52 years
175 cm
74 kg
Oslo / Norway
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Who I am? Let me turn that around: I will rather describe *you*. And then appeal to your intellect to read between the lines for who I am:

You have put any past relationships behind you. You are probably 25 years or older and consider yourself ready for marriage. You are educated and have good communication skills and know English very well.

You are adventurous, like to experience new things and are not scared away by the thought starting a new family by relocating to a country far away with a different culture and a cooler climate.
At the same time you like to hold on to important aspects of your own culture and would like to get in contact with the many other filipino expatriates living close by.

You practice and appreciate the values of your Christian faith. If you are a Catholic you respect that your husband is of a different denomination (protestant) than yourself.

You are fond of children. You will make an effort, over time, to bond with your in-laws, including a dozen nieces and nephews.
You also like the idea of having a part time or full time job when not staying at home because of kids. You like to keep it tidy around you and you like the idea that your husband is willing to help with household chores.

Maybe you are a little shy at first, but once you get to know someone you open up. You are rather open-minded and independent. You would like to learn the local language, even though almost everyone understands English here. You agree that it is important in a relationship to have time on your own, that way we can nurture our own interests and talents and grow as individuals.

You know the basics of using a computer so that we can stay in touch when one of us is away. You'd like keep in touch with your friends online. You know how to google and understands the meaning of LOL and TTYL ;-)

You like to listen to various types of music, and sometimes go to a concert or to see an opera. You enjoy a glass of wine or beer - or maybe no alcohol at all. When going out for an occasional fine dinner you like to dress up, in a nice outfit that enhances your female character - without being too risqué...

You may be a glutton for chocolate and sweets - but it doesn't show since you like to keep your weight. You don't smoke. Rather, you prefer to go for a walk or jogging to get some fresh air.

You get a thrill by the idea of going on a hot air balloon trip over the beautiful African landscape at sunrise. Or experience the magic of travelling through India in a luxury train. You think you could appreciate hiking to one of the many mountain tops in my country just to see the changing colors of the landscape as the sun sets.

Other times you like to spend a romantic weekend in Paris -- or go to London for shopping and watching a popular musical.
But oftentimes you just like to cuddle up in the sofa and watch TV or a good movie at home. From time to time you like to have some friends over for dinner. So you will teach me how to cook puchero or hamonado to serve them.

You look forward to see how norwegians dress up to celebrate their Constitutional Day with the unique childrens parade and many marching bands. But you would also like to see me joining you on June 12 in celebrating the Philippine Independence day. If possible in *your* home town -- and combine it with a visit to your family in the Pinas.

You will tease me and laugh jokingly at me when you listen to me struggling to pronounce “Nakakapagpabagabag“ – and give me a kiss the first time I manage to do it correctly. When you are down, you will experience me making a playful remark or even watch me make a fool of myself – just to see your bubbly smile.

When you feel sore after a long workout or after a long hike you feel much better after I give you a massage. When you feel like cuddling, you snuggle into the crook of my arm as I put my arm around you. And get this tingling sensation when I start to gently nibble on your earlobe...

You don't have to be a Bea Alonzo or an Angel Locsin lookalike, but physical attraction is important. Remember, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. If you are petite and have a great smile you stand a better chance of making me weak at the knees than if you are big and sulky ;-) You like to vary between different hairstyles, sometimes you make your hair into a stylish bun, sometimes you decorate it with a flower. Or you get a nice dark plum colored streak on the side of it to create an interesting contrast to your long black hair.

If you happen to wear glasses, so do I (more and more often). It just makes us look even smarter.
If you wear braces without fear of smiling, so do I (albeit mine are barely noticeable). It just means we're getting a straighter smile when they come off.

Finally, on our first date, I suggest you take me out for a walk on your favourite beach or to that special place in your home town that you appreciate so much.

If you have read this far and notice you have a tear in the corner of your eye, so did I -- when I wrote it. It just means we are longing for the same things in life. Then I suggest you do something about it and write me a message where you tell me how you relate to this. After all, that message could be the start of a fundamental change in the lives for both of us. I am looking forward to read your response.

And please note: Don't expect to get an answer if you have a profile without photos or when there is little likelihood for a good match.
Kevin KEV5137
63 years
181 cm
110 kg
Brisbane / Australia
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I seek a woman who seeks a long term relationship. I am frustrated with the number of people who are players.
Stefan STE8437
32 years
177 cm
70 kg
Plauen / Germany
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I am communicative, organized, affectionate, loyal, friendly, I like to travel and to know different cultures, I like animals and nature, I like to make new friends and the rest you might discover.
Didi DIE9024
52 years
174 cm
85 kg
Saalfeld / Germany
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Hi my Dear,I wait for you
Benjamin BEN7714
59 years
172 cm
68 kg
Angeles / United States of America
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Intelligent, educated, financially stable, health conscious, considerate to others, love to travels, kind hearted, others says I am a very handsome and knows how to properly treat a lady, in seek of similar quality of a woman to establish friendship which may lead into a lifetime partnership
Jc JMC5350
44 years
183 cm
83 kg
Vitrolles / France
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John JOH2436
56 years
178 cm
81 kg
Redodo Beac / United States of America
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I am self employed and always tring new things to expand my horizons I like to travel and hopefully find a woman who like to do that as well and maybe have a family to raise together.
David DAV9081
57 years
191 cm
100 kg
San Juan / Trinidad and Tobago
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Loving, committed, funny, romantic, hard working, focused, good listener, if you don't want to chat don't message me, I enjoy chatting. Get to know me....
Reinhard REI8737
69 years
170 cm
97 kg
Berlinhelle / Germany
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Seeking a woman with whom I can see and do a lot, which may also be true if you have kids they are welcome because I have children themselves
Alex MIC8633
39 years
195 cm
110 kg
Edinburgh / United Kingdom
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I'm outgoing,sociable, friendly.like to have a laugh and im a very modern motivated person. I keep fit and love going for meals/coffee and a bit of shopping wouldnt worry me too, i do like nice things clothes ect.... but i love to cuddly and stay in cosy with somebody special...have been already here before, looking for my soulmate, somebody who would like to spent rest of life in love and generous happiness...somebody who knows already what she is looking for and having having some kind of objective in her life.....that's why came to this website, because it takes time to find that Mrs right and cannot meet such person anywhere in pub....:-) Someone with a mind of her own and passion for what she believes in; Honesty is very important.

I work on cruise xxxx months on 2-3 months off
Ralf RAL6804
53 years
186 cm
87 kg
Weilheim In / Germany
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Important: Read this!!!!
- I have a child, but he doesn't live with me.

The following are reasons I will block you:
- I want to verify you per video call and you decline or don't show yourself by not activating video.
-Asking for money
-indirectly asking for money by asking me to pay something e.g asking me to pay load.
- not reading profile and asking me all questions in chat that were already answered in my profile.
- cam on cam for money. No I do no pay for nude videos of you.
- asking me about why I'm on site or single. I'm talking to you so I'm interested in you. Stop looking for hidden agendas and enjoy getting to know me.
Mike MIK8344
58 years
178 cm
72 kg
Torrevieja / Spain
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Friendly Englishman, but I live in Spain now.
I am fit and healthy, I work professionally as a musician.
I have lived in Australia and Japan, both for several years and visited most Asian countries.
I want to make a female friend ( or friends) for casual relationship, fun or ldr.
* Let’s chat :)
Johann JOH2009
54 years
177 cm
89 kg
Seekirchen / Austria
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looking for nice girlfriend for a future together ......
first, you can visit me from July to August here in Austria,

I would like to travel at the end of the year, I am looking also for a nice companion. Asia would be preferred for swimming, diving, hiking.
You are welcome to plan the trip (in your country?).
.... In advance, I would be happy about a nice chat.
PS. my account here is expired, you found my also at interkontakt
Phillip PHI4246
63 years
176 cm
74 kg
Auckland / New Zealand
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fun loving ,caring,sociable,loyal,

I am looking for someone similar to me
Raoul RAO7296
68 years
181 cm
79 kg
Nederweert / Netherlands
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Spiritual man, who likes to have a good communication and talk with an Asian woman...very interesting in their culture....