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Hubert HUB7723
67 years
185 cm
85 kg
Sunland / United States of America
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Good Friend. - Having a friend a family love one partner. In all aspect of life merge`s in to one journey of life. We have our own uniqueness to achieve the compatibility in relationship.
Wil WIL4148
55 years
184 cm
83 kg
Bad Oeynhau / Germany
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hy at all...
contact me at xxxx then type the ape and then type web then a point and at last the letters for germany like d and e
Andreas AND9751
60 years
186 cm
98 kg
Stuttgart / Germany
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magandang araw
I am looking for a long standing relationship with a sincere asian lady .
i would prefer a girl
-good educated ( college or university)
-good job
-figure more than 160 cm .

I have a big clinic in Germany, work still very hard,but like to stay in asia for holidays every 3 months.
Mostly i stay in my condo in thailand, but I enjoy also holidays in the phils ( Manila, Cebu or CDO )
and I like also the country,people and culture of China, Vietnam, Indonesia and Malaysia very much.
salamat sa iyo at paalam
Kenny KEN5837
72 years
175 cm
87 kg
Ponca / United States of America
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happy active loving caring understanding looking 4 the same im god fearing dont t smoke or drink
Steve STE6995
54 years
180 cm
76 kg
Kansas / United States of America
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Looking for a kind and loving partner. I am responsible, kind, and have good manners when meeting a lady.
Todd TOD2170
50 years
188 cm
94 kg
Salem / United States of America
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I will try to add a few random things about me. I am not good at this, sooo here we go--

*i will add more recent photos next week-

This may sound really bad or self centered, but i think all people feel this way, even if they won't admit it. How attractive someone is may not be the most important part of a relationship, but, if you are not physically attracted to the person you are with, then you will never be as happy as you deserve. Other qualities are important like, stability, honestly, trust, kindness HUMOR. But if you wake up in the morning and look over at the person you are with and don't smile. You can never truly be happy.

-Green is my favorite color.


-Humor is VERY VERY important to me, life is way too serious not to laugh at it now and then.

-I love science fiction movies.

-I believe a sin worse than arrogance is false humility.

-It's been 3 years and I still miss my grandfather almost every day.

-I am pretty sure my dog (Bella) understands everything I say to her. ;)

-I own a hairless cat name James. pretty weird creature.

-I think the world will be a much better place if people would think before they speak, or is it speak then think about it later? anyway, as long you can speak and think a little it is a good start.

-I like taking pictures, but I don't know what most of the buttons on my camera are for.

-I am not a very social person, but I do very well in social situations.

-I believe that the girl of ,my dreams is a queen, and should be treated that way.

-I really like my truck even though most people in my country hate hummers. :(

-I love changing my house, I am always having rooms changed, or adding new stuff to my house, I spend a lot of time at home so I like to mix it up. :)

-I don't like drinking, but a social drink now and then is cool.

-My xbox is FUN.

-I know a lot of people, but I am very selective on who I am friends with.

-I am not a religious person, but i always try to be a good person.

-I actually love shopping, I find that sometimes when I am in a bad mood, a few hours of buying crap I don't need can be uplifting.

-I love the smell of fresh strawberries.

-Sometimes I talk in my sleep. o.O
Well, i hope this doesn't make me seem to crazy.
Stanley STA1161
62 years
181 cm
70 kg
Murrieta / United States of America
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Vincent VIN0284
26 years
183 cm
57 kg
Abuja / Nigeria
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I'm Vincent. I'm loving , honest and always happy. I'm in this website to find love not to play tricks. I'm looking for a woman that can change my life, woman that can bring out the spice in me. Hope to see one here.
George GEO9334
73 years
180 cm
88 kg
Garden Grov / United States of America
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I won't know until I meet her and see how much we have in common and see how good we are together.
Every person has something different to offer.I'm looking for someone that's close to the same age bracket as me 60 to 75.If no photo then I'm sorry no response,hope you have a Passport and Visa so we can have a face to face meet.A female companion who means everything to me with personality traits that compliments,a beloved friend who cherishes quality time spent together,enjoys frequent nights in watching movies at home an occasional movie at a local theater and evening walks.Looking for that special someone with a sense of humor who doesn't mind being silly,a kind unselfish soul who fills my heart with the pleasantest of feelings and who I can't wait to see at the end of my day.I value friendship, mutual respect and a showing of affection a sincere kindness above all as they are the foundation for future possibilities.
Zima ZIM9234
36 years
188 cm
135 kg
Berlin / Germany
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Hello, I'm looking for a serious lifetime relationship. I'm a romantic and caring person, with a bit of a chaotic and an IT Nerd. I am also a humorous and funny as well as a deep minded serious person, living with HSP, a special state of hypersensitivity...If you love what you read, feel free and drop me a line.
Chris CHR9722
48 years
173 cm
37 kg
Cavan / Ireland
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Vikram VIK9134
32 years
172 cm
60 kg
Bangalore / India
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Love the way u r !
Jens JEN5779
55 years
178 cm
82 kg
Erfurt / Germany
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I'm here just for friendship...and maybe more...
Sure I am also looking for the one I love. I thought I have found it a while ago, but she was cheating on me, she did not love me, she loved only money...so I am a little bit careful. Maybe I am not so easy, but I will never xxxxx to you.
I don't make promises, but I also don't cheat...
est RAB3252
52 years
165 cm
60 kg
Ville De Mo / Canada
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I am lookig a girl for love. I Don't like who is looking for
economic support. like internet recharge. cellphones, wencams. any gifts. if you are looking for that. is better don't contact me please.
David DAV9081
58 years
191 cm
100 kg
San Juan / Trinidad and Tobago
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Loving, committed, funny, romantic, hard working, focused, good listener, if you don't want to chat don't message me, I enjoy chatting. Get to know me....
Brad BRA8552
58 years
181 cm
75 kg
Fort Wayne / United States of America
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I looking for true love. And honest trusting loyal woman.
Martin MAR0520
40 years
186 cm
72 kg
Hanover / Germany
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I look for a serious relationship.
My Whats App is
+ four nine one five seven
Seven one two three two five four two
And my Sky pe is xxxx
Martin MAR80220
49 years
188 cm
80 kg
Gelsenkirch / Germany
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Yes, i have been on this website for a long time. That´s because i have not got any really serious contact here.
I´m now 47 years old, i live in Germany. I´m single, never married before, and i have no children.

I´m looking for the woman for life, my future wive, a loving and honest woman, for whom loyalty is not a foreign word.
I would like to start a family with her.

I´m a honest, faithfull, kind, empathetic and loving man. I search for a woman for a serious relationship ready to marry, to build a family. I´m not here to play.

from xxxx to xxxx i will travel to the philippines, I'm in Davao-City for vacation, now
Wenny WEN1236
58 years
192 cm
103 kg
Willemstad / Curacao
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i,looking smart and honest lady
Ricardo RIC1110
45 years
178 cm
72 kg
Sao Paulo / Brazil
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I am a serious man who seeks a new mate for a lasting relationship. I am very hardworking, I love my home, have family, travel and enjoy life.