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Vitaliy Topaz DLO1518
56 years
182 cm
88 kg
Saint Peter / Russian Federation
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I am looking for my love who will be my true friend and wife! I plan to visit the Philippines in late spring! To find the one and only one!
Pit GEO2675
74 years
180 cm
90 kg
/ Germany
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Read it carefully and translate them accurately.
I am a normal, simple man who is in pension.
search in no wise one supply, everything is settled.
I hate lies, cheating unreliability all these negative characteristics.
If they are waiting for Brad Pitt or george Cloony so please go quickly next page, easy to find, there have been waiting many years women on to the luxury trainIf you are under depression or loss of reality then you will also find a pycholgen there.I wish them much success
I am convinced it is clearly understood

My desire is the sun, the sea, and to find a nice wife. I give all my affections and tenderness.for them.
I will do my best
Kalic Zlatko KAL3007
64 years
181 cm
90 kg
Bremen / Germany
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Serious. consevativ, religious trusrworthy
Artgiovan ART5946
56 years
177 cm
98 kg
Taipei Ita / Italy
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I am European man ... I am not Chinese ... I am not Asian ... I am European...

I am very Calm and slow but good in actions when required.


if you want join with me my activity you welcome .. let me know ..

I like Greek Temple and I like Temples PYRAMIDS as well .. I like Egypt and Greece Temples

I no like churches.
If you like churches or you are religious person I will not change any religion because I think religion claim to be pacific but instead it is always the source of any conflict.
I like Indo-Asia religions like Buddhist, Indu, Tantra, Agnostic.

My work is ARTIST PAINTER ..USUALLY I do Architectural design Artworks , some abstract, seldom landscape, portraits .. I use most Oil and Watercolours

I like drawings,painting, cooking and baking.

I am good chef too .... But if you cook for me it could be better because I am tired to cook ..

I can teach you how to cook pasta, make bread and pizza .. I even can do SUshi ..

I am looking a
Girl calm and CLEAN and that do DO NOT USE MAKE UP

NO talk loud, good manner.

,I do not like a girl that use artificial beauty, make up, lipstik, nails colored

IF you are selfish , rude , bad manner ,told loud or you looking money go away.

I no like a girl that TALK LOUD .. I no xxxx am looking for an LOYAL Buddy, Friend, maybe more .. friend-girl.

I do hope you will read my profile.
I am calm by nature so I am compatible with someone calm too. I use making thing slow but good. Hurry make me feel xxxx you use to tell lies please do not contact me because I do not accept lies in a xxxx use to travel in cheap way. I visited and lived in many countries. If you want share my travel stories ask to me and we can become good xxxx am free lance painter by profession.
I can teach some art if you want or you can join with me my business as xxxx the moment I am trying eat only vegetarian so I am not eating any meat bust still eat egg and cheese. Seldom I eat seafood but no sure if I quit totally or not.
I am studying that humans are vegetarian by nature so I am close to convinc that perhaps it is no good eat meat.
If you are nice to me I will be nice to you .............. do not hesitate write me an e-mail because I will answer you FOR sure..
Jon JON5984
42 years
175 cm
89 kg
Buffalo / United States of America
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Hi, thanks for looking at me. ADD me as a CONTACT, to talk, thanks--otherwise, I can only "robo-respond"-- and who wants that, right?

I'm hard-working, good White Man who wants to find the right asian girl--one who is submissive and knows her place. Must be obedient, and wants to be obedient. No party-girls or wild girls--seeking someone tame and respectful. Must respect White Men, American. Must desire Man in charge, and submit to him in all ways. Together, we make history. Only message me if you want that lifestyle and are interested, thanks. Serious only please.
Rusty RUS8644
64 years
177 cm
75 kg
Sacramento / United States of America
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looking to marry and start a warm family here in California... enjoy medium outdoor activities .... love staying home cuddling with my mate ... I’m not a member .. so I cannot respond unless granted ..
Ricardo RIC1110
45 years
178 cm
72 kg
Sao Paulo / Brazil
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I am a serious man who seeks a new mate for a lasting relationship. I am very hardworking, I love my home, have family, travel and enjoy life.
Anthony Tamon ANT7115
21 years
161 cm
45 kg
Anahawan / Philippines
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Looking for seriouse relationship
George GEO9334
73 years
180 cm
88 kg
Garden Grov / United States of America
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I won't know until I meet her and see how much we have in common and see how good we are together.
Every person has something different to offer.I'm looking for someone that's close to the same age bracket as me 60 to 75.If no photo then I'm sorry no response,hope you have a Passport and Visa so we can have a face to face meet.A female companion who means everything to me with personality traits that compliments,a beloved friend who cherishes quality time spent together,enjoys frequent nights in watching movies at home an occasional movie at a local theater and evening walks.Looking for that special someone with a sense of humor who doesn't mind being silly,a kind unselfish soul who fills my heart with the pleasantest of feelings and who I can't wait to see at the end of my day.I value friendship, mutual respect and a showing of affection a sincere kindness above all as they are the foundation for future possibilities.
Eframe EFR2374
25 years
165 cm
57 kg
Caloocan / Philippines
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Hello Im Eframe Looking for Serious Relationship Message me If Interested
Michael MIC6489
51 years
172 cm
75 kg
Hockenheim / Germany
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My life is full of work and my kids, but i still have place in my life for you. If I have free time I spend time to play with my kids, travel and I 'm helicopter pilot. If you are the right person, have a good charakter, with or without kids, we can meet, have some fun together, enjoy and if everything match then everything is possible...i wait here ...so write me ...i not bite ;-)
Damien DAM6664
39 years
184 cm
85 kg
Wejherowo / Poland
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xxxx If you want to contact me, send a Snap profile in the message or another messenger I'm waiting for you :) Or write to me on Line ID hidden in the content :) fb Kam Mat
Fairuz FAI2768
29 years
167 cm
88 kg
Singapore / Singapore
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Msg me and i'll tell u more...!!
Jose JOS5572
52 years
174 cm
74 kg
Malaga / Spain
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Helo !
I´m jose, from Spain. I´d like to meet some sweet girl.
Felimar FEL9950
35 years
163 cm
30 kg
Dalangin / Philippines
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I am simple ladybug only so I need someone to loves me forever
David DAV9821
58 years
184 cm
88 kg
Glen Ellyn / United States of America
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I am kind ,loving, and hard working. I feel family is very important and that a wife must be treated well. I enjoy all types of outdoor activites,traveling,and spending time with my family.
Kim KIM6891
29 years
175 cm
80 kg
Changzhou / China
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hi my friend you can contact me
Ernesto ERN2628
45 years
180 cm
80 kg
Lodi / United States of America
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Hello! my name is Ernesto, I live in USA, if you are interested I'm a hard worker looking for love, are you looking for the same? Ernesto
Chris CHR6498
57 years
173 cm
90 kg
Düsseldorf / Germany
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hallo Ich suche einfach nur eine liebe,treue, Frau, die es wirklich ehrlich meint.

Stephan STE5815
66 years
183 cm
92 kg
Berlin / Germany
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I am a frequent traveling businessman who is searching for his second-half and soulmate. Join me and let us conquer the world, but always be honest, funny and open.