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Brent BRE4509
55 years
178 cm
80 kg
Sydney / Australia
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You know, trying to describe yourself on these things is not easy.... so who am I....well I’m from Sydney Australia, a Motivational Speaker & Lifestyle Coach.

I’m very open minded & extremely warm hearted, I can say that in my heart & soul that I am very loving, caring & affectionate. I love so many things in my life like my family and friends, my wines, ports....I love cars and Indian trikes, travelling and so forth but the only love I dont have & I so much want is the love of my life, my partner, my best friend my future wife.

Love my privacy, so what you & I do in private must stay private. It’s that simple.

There is one thing however, that I hate.... that is someone going behind my back & meeting up with other guys you have met online .... If I bring you here to my home, I expect you to be faithful .... I don’t care if you meet up with other women, but I cant & wont tolerate you meeting other men when we are trying to form a relationship. OK.
Toni TON4992
50 years
171 cm
63 kg
Karlsruhe / Germany
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About me.
Others describe me as a charismatic man with a sporty look. My job also embodies my own style. I am independent businessman and work worldwide in the perfume industry.
My behavior towards other people is always charming and friendly.

I'm looking for a girlfriend, or perhaps more, and look forward to nice contacts.
Norry NOR1932
71 years
181 cm
81 kg
Hanover / Germany
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i in China Moment
have xxxxxxxxxx or xxxxx
Evgeny EVG2606
37 years
182 cm
91 kg
Moskva / Russian Federation
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I like Asian women very much. Looking for a woman for correspondence and communication
Marton MAR47993
60 years
174 cm
80 kg
Ashmore / Australia
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I am quiet and caring easy going hate fighting, Love sports the out doors ,fishing camping and 4 wheel driving. I am looking for a soulmate and partner for life to grow old with.
David DAV4421
45 years
182 cm
76 kg
/ Qatar
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Easy going, good humour, loves to travel, likes arts, cinema, theatre, good restaurants, music, music festivals, outdoor living.

Degree education, professional.

Looking for friends to start with then serious relationship.
Alex ALE6009
51 years
173 cm
69 kg
Sydney / Australia
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Hi I live in Australia. I like to meet a nice girl with no child for relationship. I do not have children. I am caring and family oriented man. I prefer to meet a woman younger than 35 years of age.
Ernesto ERN2628
45 years
180 cm
80 kg
Lodi / United States of America
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Hello! my name is Ernesto, I live in USA, if you are interested I'm a hard worker looking for love, are you looking for the same? Ernesto
Forrest FOR3513
46 years
192 cm
93 kg
Toronto / Canada
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Looking for a wife
Mario MAR27687
59 years
175 cm
70 kg
Cologne / Germany
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Flirt gesucht
Rayan RAY5913
44 years
182 cm
80 kg
London / United Kingdom
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I am a simple, independent, ambitious and reliable person. I know what I want from life and try to live each day with all positive mindset and thought. I believe a person should be loyal and honest towards his relationship only then he will be called as a genuine and honest human being which i am. Always be true to yourself and accept things with a positive attitude only then you will be able to succeed in life and achieve your ambitions. please i pay attention to genuine profile.
Kjaphill KEN6680
67 years
173 cm
78 kg
Japan / Japan
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I'm searching for a good friend and more.<. I can send message to you soon if I can get your some account.
Please give me your account.

Uwe UWE7482
56 years
186 cm
75 kg
Stuttgart / Germany
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search nice women.
Pet PHA3802
57 years
172 cm
72 kg
Hamburg / Germany
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Love the people and the difference between them. Interested in foreign culture and lifestyle. I've been to Asia and India several times knows a little bit what to expect. Curious about changes in my live but not with my love. Knowing about the changes and demands to come to me if you already have children. I hope that I can fulfill it.
Find it difficult to build a love in foreign language. Talking and understanding together is very important to me. I live in two worlds, sometimes very lonely in the forest, sometimes with many people in Hamburg. Some find that a very restless life.
There are people who are richer. In your country, in my country. I am finanzel indipendent but like always to work. I'd rather help you with work, cook, do handicrafts, organize our lives and make things easier ... do not like to pay for clothes and phones :)
I'm not looking for a nurse. I like to work in the forest or garden, cycled 700 km through southern india 2 years ago.
Rather intligent than nice. Rather a little crazy than "it's like it is". Rather seriously as ALWAYS funny.
Morty MOR1390
55 years
180 cm
80 kg
Oslo / Norway
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Im a 55 years old man from Norway. I have a good sense of humor, easy to talk with and can also be a good listner.I like to exercise, work out in a gym. Liike to travel when i can.Hope to come in contact with a like mindet person. And if things work out, maybe we can meet for a holiday.
Terry TER8474
72 years
178 cm
63 kg
Stowonthewo / United Kingdom
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I am a genuine person, slim build and very active. I live alone in the heart of the English countryside. My main hobby is my garden. Anyway, here i am on this site and I am looking for a genuine person to be my life partner, and to join me here in the uk. Please no game players, i am not interested in games.
Onosan ONO2003
52 years
173 cm
75 kg
Singapore / Singapore
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I am looking for a partner for long life together
Detta DET9185
62 years
173 cm
64 kg
Güstrow / Germany
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I would like to leave Germany in 1 years for a new culture ..... Asia !!!
a dear and very honest and independent girl is to accompany me .... only serious relationship! Please !!
lots of fresh air; a large garden and a thousand sunflowers; beautiful music and theater. Animals are good; an old house build and butterflies on the walls .....I am Not looking for money, status or Gifts . I desires honesty, Loyalty , Respect, Trust ,Responsible
Simon SIM7110
43 years
181 cm
85 kg
Auckland / New Zealand
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Loving caring honest faithful sweet kind thoughtful funny as I want the same in my other half. xxxxx
Phillip PHI5033
64 years
188 cm
79 kg
Palmdale / United States of America
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I'm not a rich man I have no money only love and devotion to offer