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Bennie BEN6217
68 years
169 cm
64 kg
San Francis / United States of America
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I am looking for someone that I could enjoy, share, and live with for the rest of my life. I am an outdoor type. I liked gardening when in the house or playing golf with my golf buddies. I liked the open space and breathing the fresh air. Walking on green grass and dodging tall trees.
I have failed or not lucky on my first marriage, but it is over now and move on to the next chapter of my life. I hope to find the same person that is also into sports and love the outdoors. I enjoy traveling and learning culture of other countries. I've studied at LSU but "unfortunately" not able to get a degree. Born in the Philippines but I grew up in Southern California and moved to the bay area (SF) in the late 1970's.
Mike MIK3454
62 years
177 cm
64 kg
Singapore / Singapore
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user friendly humorous, like travelling,swimming and driving.
Chris CHR7472
57 years
172 cm
72 kg
Gothenburg / Sweden
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Former musician, now with own Electronics Company. Occationally working in Singapore, K. L or H. K.
Seeks matured curious Lady for Housing and Love of life.
- Widow, Separated, Divorcee or Open Minded Lady, still with great humour and dreams. The Queen wears make-up daily. No tattoos accepted. Thank you
Ps. Who can resist a Lady in Red,? Mwuuaah!
Timothy TIM5111
58 years
185 cm
91 kg
Shenzhen / United States of America
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Are You Willing To MAKE THAT CHANGE!!!!I hope We can meet and Chat someday soon if you are in China. I am there weechatt to as well with the Trainer Tim zero zero seven. I am known as one of this country's best English teachers. My hopes are to seek a new beginning with a partner willing to embrace my world together. I feel this new need to add a little more disturbing news from many who has contact me and are using this website as a means to ask for money. It is not your goal to find a right partner, but a right sucker to help with your financial needs. This only harden my belief that getting to know someone in person is the only way build a lasting and more meaningful outcome. So please do not try these type of tactics with me. I know what is real........do you ?
Alex ALE5891
70 years
172 cm
88 kg
Görlitz / Germany
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If you interested in me, go to tinaundandreas
Sound SOU1211
67 years
186 cm
116 kg
Everywhere / United States of America
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four things that begins to describe who and what i am as a person

It's not what you look at that matters, it's what you see.Some like the shinny objects or pretty faces, their both nice and says very little

I don't go where the path may lead, instead i go where there's is no path and leave a trail. There nothing wrong with staying on the path, good thing can happen, i like pushing myself when i can and the path can be constraining at times.

I'd rather regret the things I've done than regret the things I haven't done,I'll never do or see it all, no one can but i like trying

And lastly' I've learn that talent is God given (unfortunately i don't have much,..lol) so be humble, fame is man given so be thankful and conceit is self given so be careful, a little conceit goes a long way and the world suffers to many fools as it is

I am a small business man, a amateur photographer / videographer with a active life style, and i seek someone with a positive outlook for friendship and possibly more

They say your only as young as you feel, .. well i was young once and it was nice but im not trying to relive my youth again lol, im older now and its way cooler.

have a bless day.
Dotty FRE8338
60 years
170 cm
73 kg
Beirut / Lebanon
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Hi..every nice girl and woman , im from Middel - East country of Lebanon . Im mature , serious , honest and single man ; who is looking for a longterm relationship and may be more.. based on strong and mutual comprehension with my life partner.
My must to keep my family value.
But ( sorry can't reply to your messages only by email coz. am not premium upgrade member ship. )
Thanks for visiting my page.
Sammy SAM1421
52 years
166 cm
63 kg
Oakhurst / United States of America
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Hard working, single man looking for a young at heart woman to share my life with.
Frank FRA5700
56 years
170 cm
70 kg
Rostock / Germany
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Eine Frau
Ralf RAL1795
62 years
175 cm
63 kg
Xxxxxx / Germany
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I love lilies, blue color, I am sensible, romantic, walking through the moonlight and looking the stars...
I am kind, honest, I like Yoga!
And I love music, I compose also my own music
69 years
168 cm
56 kg
Kalgoorlie, / Australia
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Honest loyal wanting a long term relationship accept each other for who we are
Christopher CHR8182
50 years
172 cm
97 kg
Silver Spri / United States of America
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Hard-working...but funny as Hell when you get to know me. I'*still* married but in the process of separation. I have a wonderful son, he is my little buddy. I don't care for sports, my interests are more technical and geeky. that's how I am, and I won't completely change myself for anyone.

I want you to understand that I'm a busy person--i work two jobs, they pay well but it means I can't always talk when I want to. Please be patient. Also, I'm here for a serious relationship with a woman--not a little girl. I don't have much tolerance for immaturity.

I tried another dating site once before, it was a horrible experience. Because of that, I'm a little more careful and wary. I believe in respect and trust. I know I'm not a model but I am a good person. Be honest about who you are, maybe we can connect.

PS: I'm NOT interested in Web-Cam fun. I'm not that kind of guy.
Artgiovan ART5946
58 years
177 cm
98 kg
Taipei Ita / Italy
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I am European man ... I am not Chinese ... I am not Asian ... I am European...

I am very Calm and slow but good in actions when required.


if you want join with me my activity you welcome .. let me know ..

I like Greek Temple and I like Temples PYRAMIDS as well .. I like Egypt and Greece Temples

I no like churches.
If you like churches or you are religious person I will not change any religion because I think religion claim to be pacific but instead it is always the source of any conflict.
I like Indo-Asia religions like Buddhist, Indu, Tantra, Agnostic.

My work is ARTIST PAINTER ..USUALLY I do Architectural design Artworks , some abstract, seldom landscape, portraits .. I use most Oil and Watercolours

I like drawings,painting, cooking and baking.

I am good chef too .... But if you cook for me it could be better because I am tired to cook ..

I can teach you how to cook pasta, make bread and pizza .. I even can do SUshi ..

I am looking a
Girl calm and CLEAN and that do DO NOT USE MAKE UP

NO talk loud, good manner.

,I do not like a girl that use artificial beauty, make up, lipstik, nails colored

IF you are selfish , rude , bad manner ,told loud or you looking money go away.

I no like a girl that TALK LOUD .. I no xxxx am looking for an LOYAL Buddy, Friend, maybe more .. friend-girl.

I do hope you will read my profile.
I am calm by nature so I am compatible with someone calm too. I use making thing slow but good. Hurry make me feel xxxx you use to tell lies please do not contact me because I do not accept lies in a xxxx use to travel in cheap way. I visited and lived in many countries. If you want share my travel stories ask to me and we can become good xxxx am free lance painter by profession.
I can teach some art if you want or you can join with me my business as xxxx the moment I am trying eat only vegetarian so I am not eating any meat bust still eat egg and cheese. Seldom I eat seafood but no sure if I quit totally or not.
I am studying that humans are vegetarian by nature so I am close to convinc that perhaps it is no good eat meat.
If you are nice to me I will be nice to you .............. do not hesitate write me an e-mail because I will answer you FOR sure..
Thomas THO3073
52 years
168 cm
64 kg
Webb / United States of America
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Just a down to earth openminded guy looking for same in a girl.
Adam ADA7892
35 years
161 cm
59 kg
Hull / Canada
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Welcome , Adam happy trust lots love help treat asian women people community supports future. please ( not matter and not hate ) future.
Eli ELI2700
76 years
173 cm
73 kg
Miami / United States of America
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I'm looking for serious wome
Bobby BOB9525
61 years
188 cm
109 kg
San Jose / United States of America
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Easygoing..down to earth..good hearted..loves animals.
Nature...marraige minded
Sean SHA1637
32 years
188 cm
70 kg
Sault Ste M / United States of America
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i am in a steady stable career in the military. Have good educational background. Looking to see what's out there, one never knows.
wifewanted KEV8968
51 years
182 cm
84 kg
Toronto / Canada
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Contact me on kype ,same screen name
Zhe NVJ5183
32 years
175 cm
55 kg
Linhe / China
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I really want to find a wife here who can spend my whole life.