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wifewanted KEV8968
50 years
182 cm
84 kg
Toronto / Canada
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Contact me on kype ,same screen name
46 years
185 cm
122 kg
Milwaukee / United States of America
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Hi... so I am a white american, but I like pinay so I posted in manila. a few years ago I had a pinay gf. I bought her an outfit to wear for me (boots,skirt,top) and she said it was unfair she dressed up and I didnt. she had me get an outfit of my own to wear for her, and I kinda liked wearing it for her. unfortunetly she married someone else. I didnt know it was a race to the phils to meet her. she married the first one there. I know I am a little weird. but hoping I might find another woman into this. I only wear in the privacy of my house, never in public and I haven't done anything with a man yet either

Peter PET3081
46 years
186 cm
79 kg
Atlanta / United States of America
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i am a honest and straight forward type of person
Johnny JOH3081
48 years
169 cm
85 kg
Texas / United States of America
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Hunter, Fisherman, Farmer, woodworker

If you have a college degree do not message me. I will block you.
John JOH4922
62 years
174 cm
69 kg
Marina / United States of America
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Honest, caring, romantic, loyal. I like theater, music, sports, tennis, cooking.
Don DON5774
71 years
168 cm
109 kg
Durham / United Kingdom
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I'm a fun loving outgoing xxxx
55 years
179 cm
79 kg
/ Sweden
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Hi my name is Bengt Mård and am from Sweden and lm not a paying member fac boo tell you more later
Manfred MAN2960
56 years
176 cm
90 kg
Kassel / Germany
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Hello my name is Manfred!
I'm from Germany.
Anton ANT3239
58 years
179 cm
82 kg
Rotterdam / Netherlands
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Hi, thank you for visiting my profile..
Toni TON4992
52 years
171 cm
63 kg
Karlsruhe / Germany
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About me.
Others describe me as a charismatic man with a sporty look. My job also embodies my own style. I am independent businessman and work worldwide in the perfume industry.
My behavior towards other people is always charming and friendly.

I'm looking for a girlfriend, or perhaps more, and look forward to nice contacts.
Roosevelt ROO3160
57 years
188 cm
98 kg
Riverdale / United States of America
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I’m a hard working man that has never been married. I have a daughter and she is living with her mother. Her mother is married and we all get along great.

I am by no means rich but do have a good life. I am very open minded and have a great sense of humor. I do not smoke and
drink very little. I enjoy spending time with my woman, so I don’t spend a lot of time going out to clubs or bars. I like holding hands and snuggling while watching television.

I’m looking for a woman that has a good heart and a great sense of humor. I would like her to be my best friend and lover. I also want to be able to talk openly with her about all things but don’t want to be fighting a lot. She must be able to cook and understand how to keep her man happy. I will also do what it takes to keep her happy and enjoying our life together.

I am NOT looking for someone very young or a pretty face. I have been around the world three times and have learned that it is truly what is in a woman’s heart that will keep me wanting to be with her. I would like to start as pen pal but would like to eventually come and visit you or you visit me. I love new places and things.

So if you feel that this is you please send me a message. Thanks for reading my profile and good luck finding what makes you happy.

Viktor VIK5743
62 years
195 cm
102 kg
Los Angeles / United States of America
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Accomplished in career & well educated. Loyal and passionate. Seeking honest, intelligent, partner that is attractive without the deception of cosmetics.
est RAB3252
53 years
165 cm
60 kg
Ville De Mo / Canada
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I am lookig a girl for love. I Don't like who is looking for
economic support. like internet recharge. cellphones, wencams. any gifts. if you are looking for that. is better don't contact me please.
Jukka JUK5274
62 years
185 cm
98 kg
Helsinki / Finland
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Romantic,caring,real man!! ;)
Jeffrey JEF9601
61 years
171 cm
146 kg
Madison / United States of America
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Dasssri THA4636
39 years
172 cm
56 kg
London Uk / United Kingdom
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............. 10/07/2019 ( JULY )
Rusty RUS8644
65 years
177 cm
75 kg
Sacramento / United States of America
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looking to marry and start a warm family here in California... enjoy medium outdoor activities .... love staying home cuddling with my mate ... I’m not a member .. so I cannot respond unless granted ..
Andrew AND4959
56 years
186 cm
94 kg
Coolgardie / Australia
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Hello Ladies .
Thanks for visiting my profile.
I am looking for some one who is easy going ,not expecting the world,who likes living in the country ,Because i live a long way form the city and beach.
I don't mind if u have 1 child ,Also i don't want to have kids at my age !!!
U will find i am easy going ,not pushy and like to live a quiet life.
I am not looking for a high maintenance lady .just some 1 who is happy living a more simple life.
I do have quite a good job,But can work long hours.
I hope u all find the person u are looking for
Dave DAV3090
69 years
170 cm
85 kg
Cleveland / United Kingdom
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Hi Thanks for contacting seasameman. Im looking for a joyfull girl thats not a flirt and would not dishonour me! I would give the same trustworthyness and honour to them. Keep a smile on, lifes not all that bad! It should be a happy time-you dont know how long your here for-so make the best of experiences-dont live a life of regret, because you didnt do it! To get me-" Have a nice day.
Christopher CHR2074
34 years
180 cm
73 kg
Izhevsk / Russian Federation
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Looking for a friend from Southeast Asia
If you want to chat, just add my contact !!!!!