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Johann JOH2009
54 years
177 cm
89 kg
Seekirchen / Austria
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looking for nice girlfriend for a future together ......

Hello, you are the mine

I would like to travel at the end of the year, You want Travel with me? Preferred for swimming, diving, hiking.
You are welcome to plan the trip (in your country?).
PS: my familyplaning already completed.
Andrew AND7752
29 years
184 cm
100 kg
Giddings / United States of America
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I'm Andrew Wiggen and I'm looking for some fun and inspiration. Hoping to visit some Asian countries in the future to help with my writing projects. Hope you'll want to help me out. :)
Terry TER5563
59 years
168 cm
78 kg
Ferguson / United States of America
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I am a single father of a 15 year old son that means the world to me. I work as a carpenter. I have a very big heart that is full of love and I am looking for someone to share this love with.I love the outdoors such as cookouts, hunting, fishing, going to the beach, camping, or just sitting around a nice camp fire.I am looking for a nice girl with the same Interests to marry and be with for the rest of my life.
Vin MIC2377
61 years
180 cm
96 kg
Ingolstadt / Germany
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Gets only bad boys good girls? If yes, I will be a very good bad boy.

My names Vin (nickname), from Germany. You'll see that I'm not so bad..............rather I am a good guy with the heart on the right place.

Yes, I still live in Germany now, but later I'll go to Thailand forever, because I like the culture, the warm weather, the beaches and most of all the spicy food and to relax.
Maybe I will go soon.
I`m not the kind of man who ist talking too much. I love riding motorbike around Thailand. But driving alone is boring, so I'm looking for a cute thai girlfriend who understand me and take care me well. I like fun, cozy rural life also in Isaan and nightlife of the big city like Pattaya and Bangkok.
I dont want a Party girl, a Madam or a Luxury girl. I'm looking for a small, pally girl who likes to drink a beer every now and then.
Jon JON5984
42 years
175 cm
89 kg
Buffalo / United States of America
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Hi, thanks for looking at me. ADD me as a CONTACT, to talk, thanks--otherwise, I can only "robo-respond"--who wants that, right?

I'm hard-working, good White Man who wants to find the right asian girl--one who is submissive and knows her place. Must be obedient, and want to be obedient. Seeking an Asian girl who is traditional and respectful. Must respect White Men, American. Must desire Man in charge, and submit to him in all ways. Together, we make history. Only message me if you want that lifestyle and are interested, thanks. Serious only please.
Lerman Garcia LEZ1121
66 years
175 cm
60 kg
Chichirivic / Venezuela
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Hello,I am plz, Search for me xxxxxxxx or FB.If you want to contact me or you are interested to know me please type your full and real name.Plz WRITE your Name and Last Name in your profile if you want me to search for u ok... I dont have a GOLD membership..I like asian woman between xxxxxyears old.I live alone,not kids.I live in small beach town in Venezuela.I m latin,responsible ,honest and hot man.I am looking foward to know you if you wish.. .Thanks for reading my profile..send and type me your private email.I am registered in LatinLoves too..I would like to live in Phillipine with you if you really like me..Thxs for reading my profile..By the way,I am not a SCAMMER OK!!!
John JOH1209
53 years
177 cm
80 kg
Tucson / United States of America
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I'm not looking anymore because I found her.
Jd JDN8374
46 years
170 cm
66 kg
Bangkok / Thailand
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Hi. I am an easy to get along with American that has no worries and loves the beach. Non smoker for sure. And, want beach beach beach. I do not use Smartphones and Social Media so please do not ask. My age is 57...I think I put younger for search... Thanks, JD
Dick MIC3278
53 years
168 cm
70 kg
Dover / United States of America
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nice average okay guy,
Dael DAN8766
100 years
175 cm
65 kg
Zürich / Switzerland
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:-) Helloooo .... !

Thank you for visiting my profile.

I am Dani from Switzerland central Europe and I am looking for your love.

I am besides:

• single
• swissmade
• engineer, internet publisher and journalist (if I want, and when it may be, I have a pretty sharp tongue ... )
• while meanwhile a little bit older, I am usually still not estimated more than 45 - rather than vice versa ...
• not hairy, but tenderly, clean and healthy (tested virus free),
• neither stubborn nor wishy-washy,
• with quite good knowledges in french (mainly orally ... ) and lots of fun with conversation - and not only in French ... ; -)
• my favorites:
- love, culture, humor;
- music, photography, design, internet;
- reading and writing;
- travelling, hiking, cycling, flying, skiing;
- outings, food, beverage;
- chatting, laughing;
• some of it you can see at xxxxxxxcom/people/knipsr
• some of it I can also do with my mates company, but for the most important thing I miss:

... a female ...

... to listen, to see, to smell, to feel, to taste, to enjoy and to spoil, yes ...

If you are the woman,
who is looking for an experienced, established, understanding,
exceptional, neither ugly nor stupid lover, friend and partner,
not only for his monetary
and his gene pool (family reasons and so),
that would be greatful ...

Hope to meet you in cam chat soon ...

Thank you ... ... Dani

Please notice:

You can mostly meet me online (your time):
monday/tuesday/wednesday/thursday: from late night until early morning
friday/saturday/sunday: from early afternoon until early morning xxxx will not spend weeks and months typing and not seeing.
I want to see the one who I am trying to know better.
So please try to organize cam chat here and nowhere else.
Alex ALE2184
38 years
183 cm
77 kg
London / United Kingdom
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54 years
179 cm
79 kg
/ Sweden
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Hi my name is Bengt and am from Sweden tell you more later
Boris BOR3244
61 years
170 cm
56 kg
Uelzen Hann / Germany
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I am a bird in Sky and on the search for an Angel.
I am a honest person, friendly, very attentive romantic and jovial. I will like to know who is attentive and polite.
I love all women, only one is my goal.
I find she interesting and would like to get to know you
fly you alone with me in the sky like a bird in the air.
i can not give answer here, because I am not pay here, waiting of answer
would like to hear from you
I can send a photo of me, if you want, i can not give answer
Soobass SOO5251
48 years
171 cm
78 kg
Longreach / Australia
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I'm honest and sincere and looking for the same
Chris CHR2098
48 years
174 cm
70 kg
Dublin / Ireland
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Easy Going ...Chilled...wtsp...im not gold member i cant see private info
Hans HAN3441
47 years
174 cm
84 kg
Wittlich / Germany
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i look for a nice naughty girl
Girls contact me first. then we can Chat
s k . . e
Roosevelt ROO3160
56 years
188 cm
98 kg
Riverdale / United States of America
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I’m a hard working man that has never been married. I have a daughter and she is living with her mother. Her mother is married and we all get along great.

I am by no means rich but do have a good life. I am very open minded and have a great sense of humor. I do not smoke and
drink very little. I enjoy spending time with my woman, so I don’t spend a lot of time going out to clubs or bars. I like holding hands and snuggling while watching television.

I’m looking for a woman that has a good heart and a great sense of humor. I would like her to be my best friend and lover. I also want to be able to talk openly with her about all things but don’t want to be fighting a lot. She must be able to cook and understand how to keep her man happy. I will also do what it takes to keep her happy and enjoying our life together.

I am NOT looking for someone very young or a pretty face. I have been around the world three times and have learned that it is truly what is in a woman’s heart that will keep me wanting to be with her. I would like to start as pen pal but would like to eventually come and visit you or you visit me. I love new places and things.

So if you feel that this is you please send me a message. Thanks for reading my profile and good luck finding what makes you happy.

Johnny JOH3081
47 years
169 cm
85 kg
Texas / United States of America
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Hunter, Fisherman, Farmer, woodworker
Lucas LUC4905
26 years
180 cm
58 kg
Lublin / Poland
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I'm honestly caring want make family.
Peter PET4401
64 years
175 cm
83 kg
Gaildorf / Germany
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I'm in FB too