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Bengtmardathot BEN3512
53 years
179 cm
79 kg
Bengtmard H / Sweden
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Hi my name is Bengt Mård l write more later olso on fb take care
Pit PIT5343
53 years
187 cm
120 kg
Seattle / United States of America
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I'm mostly curious.Hope you are mostly interesting.
Kt KTF3863
64 years
176 cm
86 kg
Stockholm / Sweden
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Should want to find a life long time partner. Sorry can´t answer the messages just now.
I am always so tagged,. but I can not find the side. Maybe you can com there
Michael MIC7054
57 years
168 cm
70 kg
Planegg / Germany
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I am honest and reliable and I am looking for a sincere and warm-hearted woman, whom I can trust
Vin MIC2377
60 years
180 cm
96 kg
Ingolstadt / Germany
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Gets only bad boys good girls? If yes, I will be a very good bad boy.

My names Vin (nickname), from Germany. You'll see that I'm not so bad..............rather I am a good guy with the heart on the right place.

Yes, I still live in Germany now, but later I'll go to Thailand forever, because I like the culture, the warm weather, the beaches and most of all the spicy food and to relax.
Maybe I will go soon.
I`m not the kind of man who ist talking too much. I love riding motorbike around Thailand. But driving alone is boring, so I'm looking for a cute thai girlfriend who understand me and take care me well. I like fun, cozy rural life also in Isaan and nightlife of the big city like Pattaya and Bangkok.
I dont want a Party girl, a Madam or a Luxury girl. I'm looking for a small, pally girl who likes to drink a beer every now and then.
Ron RON9963
58 years
178 cm
97 kg
Newcastle / Australia
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I'm a genuine, hard working, faithful, loving man and I'm looking for a special lady to share my life with. I'm outgoing and my friends tell me I'm a happy easy going man. I have two beautiful daughters, aged 28 & 24.I'm seeking a clean affectionate partner that will be my best friend, a lady in public and a devil when together alone and she will walk beside me as my equal.
Ta TAQ1288
52 years
0 cm
0 kg
Uae / United Arab Emirates
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Roy ROY8666
55 years
182 cm
84 kg
Wisbech / United Kingdom
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easy going honest man that is in good health like to travel being out doors
Viktor VIK5743
59 years
195 cm
102 kg
Los Angeles / United States of America
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Accomplished in career & well educated. Loyal and passionate. Seeking honest, intelligent, partner that is attractive without the deception of cosmetics.
Shaun SHA8104
40 years
189 cm
109 kg
Silverdale / United States of America
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I am a introverted person with old fashioned values. I like to read and am more at home gaming then out in public. When I travel I like to see the sights and sample the culture and food vice do the more touristy things. I have already had my heart broken once, and am afraid of it happening again. I am looking for someone who shares my interests. Someone who will not treat me as I have been treated in the past. Someone who will love me for who I am, and not demand I change or control my life.

My interests include gaming, both console and PC. I have been told I like my iPad a little much, but I primarily use it for reading. I like to read and will likely be found doing just that at any given time. I also play tabletop RPG's.

My music taste are eclectic. As I write this, Pandora is in the background playing a FFX theme. The shuffle will also play Nightwish, Fireflight, Utada, and Within Temptation. I also have country, JPOP and soundtracks on my iPod.

As for TV, I am a Trekkie and Whovian. I also like to watch anime.

Right now I am in school to get a degree and preparing for the future. I have a goal and I am working towards it. Thankfully I have been able to get most of my degree while working. Planning on applying to UW to get my masters next year.

Looking for someone who would have no problem joining me for an afternoon of fishing, or hiking around a park playing Pokemon Go, or even spending a night in just watching TV or playing games. I am looking for my Player 2. Looking for someone who would support my dreams and let me support theirs. I am looking for a friend first. The rest can come later
Jarmo JAR4439
59 years
178 cm
84 kg
Helsinki / Finland
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PLS notice that i am not a member.
Dave DAV5530
65 years
176 cm
76 kg
Memphis / United States of America
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I love the outdoors, especially fishing. I am looking for a woman that loves the outdoors, willing to go camping, fishing and hiking but also likes to occasionally dress-up and go dancing or out to dinner. Also, I hope she is a great cook! Are you a good match for me? : )
Olaf OLA2831
50 years
181 cm
75 kg
Kiel / Germany
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Ich suche eine ehrliche und treue Frau.
Paul Dieter PAU8143
70 years
174 cm
76 kg
Göllheim / Germany
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search girlfriend for the rest from my life maybe later marriage...
love sun beach and sea... and swimming in the sea...
love sailing...
love rock - soul - reggae music...
love brown skin...
dont smoke. dont like beer and hard liquors...

my jobs
graduate engineer, free architect and free artist for painting..
Gordon GOR1105
41 years
196 cm
100 kg
Ashford / United Kingdom
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Fun and Honest seeking the same really
Patrick PAT1782
71 years
178 cm
84 kg
Minneapolis / United States of America
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A very young at heart older gent, and I prefer to date black women and women of color and or different nationalities. I love their bodies and skin color and their history, and I always go against the grain according to society so black women are like the forbiden fruit, but I have to say black ladies really turn me on!!!! I will still date American women but I prefer the women from other countries as they put their man first.
Rompa ROM3388
59 years
176 cm
84 kg
Skellefteå / Sweden
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I'm 100% honest and serious man looking for a like-minded companion to accompany me for the rest of our lives. Her age xxxxx years.
I'm here to find you!
I want to apologize to all the sweet young women who want to get in touch with me, and I hope you find your prince who makes you happy and show you the respect you so richly deserve. Take care!
Michele MIC2303
53 years
178 cm
78 kg
Treviso / Italy
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my work commits me a lot and I have neglected the beauty of life, now I am looking for a dear and simple person (a sweet person) for a long relationship and maybe a marriage
Manuel MAN3070
62 years
188 cm
80 kg
Gent / Belgium
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Am a friendly and educated man who likes nature and culture. I am not looking to be someone's sugardady. If you already travel abroad just like me, this is better. May be we can meet for a cup of tea to talk and get to know each other better somewhere halfway.
Thorsten THO1622
55 years
190 cm
95 kg
Hamburg / Germany
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Hello, I am seeking for a nice women to marry, no games, no fake or playing ! I yust want a staple partnership and a women that wants to have children with me to found a nice Family