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Patt PAT7425
42 years
168 cm
45 kg
Phuket / Thailand
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I am reasonable women sincere and serious. With good sence of humor. Good cooking and kind heart. Well, i just need to find with simeine who are really great person in here and in real person. Who are just think about the future.
Nut-Tarak NUT4503
51 years
162 cm
52 kg
Phuket / Thailand
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not want talk Ridiculous, not xxxxx and please tell the truth"
Pucharat PUC7632
47 years
155 cm
59 kg
Phuket / Thailand
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I am a sincere, clear person and love a dog. I have a easy life, I don't like lying. Speak honestly.

I'm willing to develop a relationship with someone who is sincere and determined to have a new love that does not xxxxx and deceive only.And I like a man who wants to share life by my side, where we can understand, laugh, enjoy, walk, cook and everything that make we can happy.

If you want to connect with a normal woman but, not stupid like me, then we can try our relationship.