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Nana Grigoryan
I would like to find my second half and to create nice family in love. I am ecologist with Ph.D degree.
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Cayzee Dean
Along a dusty road She stands. rain pools in shallow brown twisted streams to run to the river blue and gray. I watch the current flowing filled with green leaves captured cold to the skin, Her eyes warm me and then she is gone, only whisper of a mist remains. I travel slowly down the road, a desperate brown leather pack along side me, following her fleeting prints in the shifting sand. distant winds reveal the act of cooking so very far away with each step I am hungry still, my thirst remembers her kind offer of water, her mouth watching me drink, my head aches passing under endless jagged mountains, now my heart aches to hear her lips soft and brown. A distant shadow of her black skirt slowly moving in the hot sunlight, caressing her polished black hair, again the sounds of laughter guide my feet forward.......what do you see along the warm water beach, warm sand, fish, small colorful pebbles? what songs in your heart? where is your loneliness, in your heart or in your mind? You are not wrong in your your feelings. A brilliant light reflected into the green sea washes away small thoughts with delicate brown feet, she waits for the small orange fish to swim by, covered by wet sand and constantly salty air, I wander under this night sky lite only with stars never seeing what is underfoot. longing for warm nights to share with Her . my cold skin too cold to touch distant shores. white seagulls swirl overhead. what songs can you sing to me. Can you feel warm dark green air surrounding you. could she hold in Her hands the damp smells of the ocean. before the morning light her hair shines black as rich earth. I hear her voice whispering on the wind, echoing in my ears, darkens to black rain falling cold and heavy, clothes soaked, my skin warms for her touch, for her caress, sweet words that only I can hear. Tasting of her lips, this morning is a lonely bed, silent and still. cool water to wash away the heat, the dusty days, wandering, longing for a quiet swim in a calm sea, her sweet smile comforts me, I feel her warmth next to me. digging in the sand for fresh clams, small fish dart through each deep footprint left in the sand. I brought flowers this morning, to hear her heart beat softly and taste her songs on my lips, waiting to sit alongside her gazing at the valley below, small buildings faded in the steamy distance. to hear her guitar gently weeping. knowing what she has placed in my heart, what she holds in her hands.
Casting off the lines, A blue and white boat headed out to sea, a wild wind in its sails. rocking with each wave.
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